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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 July 2015

* NASA’s robotic gas station can now also inspect satellites >>
* Self-driving cars are coming to Australian roads >>
* Cars May Soon Understand More of What You Say >>

* Windows 10 launch events will include celebrities, concerts, and yes, upgrade help >>
* Space X Dragon spacecraft to get survival software update >>
* Mandatory Windows 10 updates will keep coming for a full decade >>

* Cortana in Windows 10 is coming to 6 more countries >>
* Microsoft’s first Windows 10 ads pull out the big guns: cute little kids >>
* Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 is available for download >>

* Virtual-Reality Films Could Put The Whole Industry In The Spotlight >>
* Camera Behind Awesome Pluto Imagery Explained | Video >>
* New Method Finds Best Exoplanet Candidates for Telescope Time >>

* The Habitable Planet Sweet Spot –Kepler Mission Yields Eight Candidates >>
* Mother Robots Build Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution >>
* Track your dog’s behavior with this smart collar >>

* Airport builds world’s first animal terminal – complete with flat-screen TVs >>
* Why a technologically enhanced future will be less good than we think >>

* Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It >>
* Pluto’s Moons! Oddly Shaped Hydra And Color Nix Images Reach Earth | Video >>
* Ernst Stuhlinger: Ion Propulsion to Mars >>

* Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015 >>
* Hive: Planning To Turn The Hum Of Thousands Of Smart Meters Into A Supercomputer Platform >>

* “3-D Printable Electronics are Here with the Help of a Syringe” >>
* YouTubers will be the stars of its subscription service >>
* How Software Will Transform Employee Engagement >>

* Researchers Test Out a New Method of Managing Fear >>
* 6 Things You Should Know About Lab-grown Diamonds >>
* The V-280 Valor Will Be The Most Versatile Aircraft In The Sky >>

* People Are So Damn Blasé About the Vampire Apocalypse on The Strain >>
* Software Now Better Than Humans At Recognizing What You Were Trying To Draw >>

* Evolvable Lunar Architecture is a well thought plan for lower risk for moon and Mars development while lowering cost by ten times >>
* How Close Are We To Creating A Star Trek-Like “Holodeck”? >>

* Take a tip from hibernating bears to protect astronauts’ bones >>
* Scientists discover the taste of fat >>
* Nasa captures epic image of Earth >>

* Did life originate in a drying puddle? >>
* A new socially conscious wireless provider >>

* Scientists Say Comet Lander May Have Shifted Position >>
* Alien Intelligence Search Gets Major New Push >>

* A $100 Million Infusion for SETI Research >>
* Lasers Could Blast Tiny Spacecraft to the Stars >>
* Russian billionaire, Hawking announce $100 million search for ET >>

* Japan’s aging population has already abandoned 8 million houses and could abandon 21 million by 2033 >>
* Moore’s Law is 50 years old but will it continue? >>
* Much more Moore’s Law, as boffins assemble atom-level transistor >>

* Robotic Surgery Has Been Connected to 144 U.S. Deaths Since 2000 >>
* “How The Human Era Ends”: Listen To The Audiobook Of Ramez Naam’s Apex >>
* Here’s What Breaking Up Does to Your Brain >>

* Scientists Can Now Control Mice Brains Wirelessly >>
* Faulty Support Strut Likely Caused SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Failure: Elon Musk >>
* Cars May Soon Understand More of What You Say >>

* 109 Percent Power! SLS Rocket Engine Test-Fired For 535 Seconds | Video >>
* Gorgeous NASA Photo Captures Earth from 1 Million Miles Away >>
* Stephen Hawking Helps Launch Massive Search for E.T. >>

* NASA Funded Study States People Could Be On the Moon By 2021 For $10 Billion >>
* Ford develops smart headlights, but an old law will make them illegal in the U.S. >>

* Nanowires help produce hydrogen fuel using sunlight >>
* Scientists use lasers to find out why astronauts have bad skin >>
* Microsoft’s Cortana Strives to Be More Culturally Aware Than Apple’s Siri >>

* How to bookmark links on Facebook to read them later >>
* Who Gets Bought Next In Solar After Vivint? >>

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