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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 July 2015

* A Light Bulb Goes On, Over the Mall >>
* First-ever legal drone delivery takes place in the U.S. >>
* Decoded: How mosquitoes track humans >>

* Tiny Ocean Microbes are Brightening Up the Sky >>
* Here’s the Science so far on Pluto’s Icy Mountains and Bumpy Plains >>
* This Robot Just Passed a Rudimentary Self-awareness Test >>

* Drilling 10 times faster than ever before with hypervelocity projectiles from ram accelerators >>
* Evil computers sense you’re in a hurry and mess with your head >>

* You Musk be joking: Tesla’s zero to 60MPH in 2.8 SECONDS is literally ‘ludicrous’ >>
* This Mad Max/Star Wars Mash-Up Video Is Almost Too Good >>
* You Can Now Stream From Xbox One Using a Windows 10 PC or Tablet >>

* Around The Universe: Ariane 5 Launch, New Horizons Reaches Pluto, And Jupiter Has A Twin >>
* Asteroid Mining Company’s First Satellite Launches From Space Station >>

* VPN Maker CyberGhost Aims To Grow A Privacy Hub In Eastern Europe >>
* Windows 10 vs. Windows 8: Performance benchmarks show a close battle for fastest >>

* Windows 10 USB stick is now on pre-sale at Amazon >>
* Microsoft Will Release Cortana For Android In “Next Few Weeks” >>
* Counting All the DNA on Earth >>

* The 3 billion mile journey: How data from New Horizons reaches Earth >>
* Drug abuse reduces grey matter in women: study >>
* Pluto plain resembles frozen mud cracks on Earth >>

* Nanowires give ‘solar fuel cell’ efficiency a tenfold boost >>
* Progress towards a perfect lens with metamaterials >>

* Pathway to terahertz graphene transistors >>
* Drilling 10 times faster than ever before with hypervelocity projectiles from ram accelerators >>
* Nanowires give ‘solar fuel cell’ efficiency a tenfold boost >>

* Progress towards a perfect lens with metamaterials >>
* ReWalk has a new exoskeleton for people with spinal cord injury >>
* Fly Over Pluto >>

* Can your phone really know you’re depressed? >>
* How to regenerate axons to recover from spinal-cord injury >>
* Could this new electrical brain-zap method help you learn muscle skills faster? >>

* Gigapixel multicolor microscope is powerful new tool to advance drug research >>
* Dieless Glass Processing by Precision Grinding >>
* Full Attack On Titan Trailer Is Here And Intense >>

* Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset has the best chance at winning the living room >>
* Here’s what it’s like to play Valve’s VR ‘Portal’ experience >>
* Lenovo’s Windows 10 PCs should arrive by mid-August >>

* Global Warming Will Destroy The Earth In The End >>
* New technology could cut energy costs significantly >>
* Universal plaque-busting drug could treat various brain diseases >>

* New laser device spells end for diabetic finger pricking >>
* Overwork can lead to infertility, expert says >>
* This plane seat could bring awkwardness to a new level >>

* This airport works only on wind and solar energy >>
* How technology will fill your shopping basket >>
* This $50 mini-printer makes emailing things to yourself obsolete >>

* Science has created the perfect tomato — but grocery stores refuse to sell it >>
* How researchers can grow tiny, beating hearts in a labratory >>

* Animator reveals the surprising reason why there aren’t any female Minions >>
* World’s Largest Shipbuilder, Hyundai Heavy, to Focus On 3D Printing Ship Parts Via New Innovation Center >>
* Dark-Matter ‘Superhighways’ of the Cosmos –“Connecting Vast Bubbles Devoid of Galaxies” >>

* The Long, Strange Trip to Pluto, and How NASA Nearly Missed It >>
* Memcomputing NP-complete problems in polynomial time using polynomial resources and collective states >>
* Commercial Exoskeletons for workers from Panasonic, BMW, Audi and others >>

* The First Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral >>
* CRISPR DNA editing system controlled by light >>
* Amazon is Building A New Wind Farm in North Carolina >>

* Drones are pestering Spain’s royal family >>
* Your body, the battery: Powering gadgets from human “biofuel” >>
* Brain-inspired algorithms may make for optimized computational networks >>

* Add Missiles To the List of Weapons You Can (Sorta) 3-D Print >>
* Hackers Threaten to Expose 37 Million Cheating AshleyMadison Users >>

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