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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 July 2015

* Brain implant to help deliver drugs via remote control >>
* Tesla’s New ‘Ludicrous Speed’ Might Make Your Brain Explode >>
* NASA just found something big hiding out behind Pluto >>
* First computers recognized our faces, now they know what we’re doing >>

* Chinese Unveil Mysterious 3D Printed Houses – Built Out of Unique Material, Able to Withstand Devastating Earthquakes >>
* Could Artificial Intelligence Development Hit a Dead End? >>
* How could we destroy the moon? >>

* Polite Robots Show Glimmer Of Self-awareness >>
* The Future Will Run on Algae >>
* IBM Watson can discern if your email is too passive aggressive >>

* This Company Aims To Launch Rockets With Beams Of Power >>
* How Google’s robotic cars deal with human stupidity >>
* Oculus VR’s $60 Million Acquisition Could Make Controllers Redundant >>

* The Hottest Future Products Businesses should want to be selling between 2015 and 2050 >>
* Plankton Blooms Fuel Cloud Droplet Formation >>
* Device Delivers Drugs To Brain By Remote Control >>

* Google mints record $65B in wealth in a day >>
* WiFi Aware to Create Brave New World for Mobile Devices >>
* Latest weapon to fight distracted driving: virtual reality >>

* SIM cards might not be necessary in your next phone >>
* Sugar trail may lead to early cancer detection >>
* Massless particle for gen-next electronics found >>

* Welcome to Japan’s robot-run hotel >>
* Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test >>
* Youthful Frozen Plains Cover Pluto’s Big ‘Heart’ – Spectacular New Images from New Horizons >>

* Mysterious Ice Plains Spotted on Pluto (Video) >>
* Weird ‘Buckyballs’ May Be at Root of Milky Way Mystery >>
* Asteroid Mining Company’s 1st Satellite Launches from Space Station >>

* Small Interstellar Probes, Riding Laser Beams – The Project Dragonfly Design Competition Workshop >>
* Airless Tires Roll Towards Consumer Vehicles >>
* Video Friday: Bacteria Driving Robot, Drone With Gun, and Freaky Snakebot >>

* Diesel-Powered Fuel Cell Produces Clean Electricity >>
* Why Aren’t Supercomputers Getting Faster Like They Used To? >>
* Engineers give invisibility cloaks a slimmer design >>

* Raising money is not the same thing as making a sale >>
* China largest telecom and 21 chinese cities are deploying multi-kilowatt wireless charging network for electric vehicles >>

* Marriage Won’t Make Sense When Humans Live for 1,000 Years >>
* Smart-ish Glasses That Don’t Look Dumb >>
* Why ‘white graphene’ structures are cool >>

* Information Systems Audit & Control Association | Cybersecurity, the singularity and the rise of the silicon based life form >>
* Scientists ‘watch’ rats exploring their memories >>
* Wireless device delivers drugs to brain and triggers neurons via remote control >>

* Intel Hits Snag On The Way To Next-Generation Chips >>
* Transactive Energy Controls Survive First Test in Pacific Northwest >>
* This Is How Jurassic World’s Velociraptors Should Have Looked >>

* Tesla’s New Feature Takes The Model S From 0-60 Mph In Under 3 Seconds >>
* The Death of the SIM Card Is Nigh >>
* Court: Aereo-like Streaming Service Should Be Treated Similarly To Cable >>

* Now That We’ve Explored All The Planets, What’s The Next Frontier? >>
* The ESA’s Head Just Dropped a Proposal to Build a Village on the Moon >>
* Another Google Self-driving Car Involved In Minor Accident, This Time With Injuries >>

* Star Wars: Aftermath Reveals What Really Happened After Episode VI >>
* Cortana for Android leaks out a bit early >>
* Which Movies Get Artificial Intelligence Right? >>

* New Horizons Transforms Pluto from a Speck to a Sphere [Slide Show] >>
* This Incredible Magician Doesn’t Just Fool Penn & Teller, He Makes Us Think Magic is Real >>
* New trailers: Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four, Pan, and more >>

* Internet TV streaming isn’t dead yet: US judge delivers potential landmark ruling >>
* Here’s the list of PCs that support Windows 10’s facial recognition >>
* How mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies >>

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