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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 July 2015

* The first insanely close-up photos of Pluto reveal water on its surface >>
* A Use For Robert Forward’s Statite Concept: Artificial Pole Stars >>
* A jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions? >>

* Wild Milky Way Map Reveals Hidden Loops of Multicolored Microwaves >>
* Sun-like Star Harbors Jupiter’s Twin: Is This Solar System 2.0? | Video >>
* Mind-controlled car shown off by Chinese university >>

* Range Rover Recall is Due to a Software Glitch >>
* Aerion and Spike Aerospace racing to supersonic business jets around 2018-2021 >>
* Argonne working with Ford and others to demonstrate gasoline and natural gas blend for 10% more effinciency >>

* Hydrogels developed for controlled release of hepatitis C drug >>
* Self-Charging Phones Are on the Way, Finally >>
* The Force Awakens Lego Images Reveal a Fancy X-Wing—and New Characters >>

* Mood-altering Drugs That Were Invented by Accident >>
* World’s Oldest Sperm Found in a 50-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Cocoon >>
* Brilliant Hands-Free Wheelchair Balances On Two Wheels Like a Segway >>

* Smart camera warns you when guns enter your home >>
* Analytics Of Things — What Does It Mean, And Where Is It Taking Us? >>
* Toyota recalls 625,000 hybrid vehicles that may shut down while being driven >>

* Everything You Need To Know About Pluto >>
* Nasa Is About To Unveil Brand New Pluto Images >>
* ‘Chasing Pluto’: PBS Documentary on Epic New Horizons Flyby Airs Tonight >>
* NASA: “Hello, Earth. Pluto Calling” >>
* Do Pluto and Charon Spout Icy Plumes? >>
* Aged Technology on Pluto Flyby Probe Won’t Cripple Mission >>

* Uber Test Lets Drivers Accept New Ride Before Finishing Current One >>
* ‘The Last Starfighter’ is getting a TV series with VR scenes >>
* Philips Hue bulb can now perform a video game light show with the Xbox One >>

* SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is a 128GB file server in a thumb drive >>
* Google Unveils “Purchases On Google,” Which Are Basically Buy Buttons In Mobile Ads >>
* Pirate Bay ‘hydra’ Loses Another Domain Name >>

* London’s getting another 51 all-electric buses >>
* Ultrasound technology captures life-like heart images >>
* Why Is College So Expensive? >>

* Air Force Launches GPS Satellite on Atlas V Rocket >>
* Do We Need New Laws For Rise Of The Robots? >>
* How Does Wi-Fi Work? >>

* Blue LEDs can be used to preserve food >>
* Scientists find link between autism and genetic changes >>
* People are freaking out over a big change Snapchat made to its app >>

* Windows 10 is all done and ready to go >>
* Genetic testing is taking medicine to an all new extreme >>
* Colorado Fetal Care Center Uses 3D Printing to Treat Unborn Babies With Abnormalities >>

* Airport Runways above the Streets concept >>
* A Biodegradable Computer Chip That Performs Surprisingly Well >>

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