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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 July 2015

* xkcd; Pluto >>
* After Pluto Flyby, NASA Plays the Waiting Game >>
* This Amazing Photo of Pluto Is Just the Beginning, NASA Says >>

* The LHC Has Discovered a New Sub-Atomic Particle Called a Pentaquark >>
* Wi-Fi Aware aims to help devices find each other without hotspots >>
* Researchers Grow Tiny Beating Human Hearts From Stem Cells >>

* A Smartphone Charger That Runs On Candlepower >>
* Wind Turbines Power Liquid-Air Energy Storage >>
* Introducing a New Material for Invisibility Cloaks >>

* Facebook Is Working On A Digital Assistant Called Moneypenny >>
* A 24-hour cure for depression may have just been discovered >>
* T-Mobile’s latest family plan gives everyone 10GB of full-speed data >>

* Electric Vehicles Drive to Back Up the Grid >>
* Mice Resist Cocaine If They Have Stuff To Do >>
* room.me helps choose a compatible roommate >>

* CERN’s observation of exotic pentaquark particles should allow better understanding of matter >>
* Astronomers Spot a Record-Breaking Supernova >>
* New Android Wear Features May Take a Cue From Apple Watch >>

* Peak Google? Chocolate Factory cuts costs amid dwindling growth >>
* Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Makes More Sense for Mars than California >>
* New Wi-Fi Tech Will Make Smartphones More Aware Of Their Surroundings >>

* Ask Slashdot: VPN Solution To Connect Mixed-Environment Households? >>
* ‘Free’ Windows 10 Has 3 Massive Unanswered Questions >>

* The next big thing coming out of Silicon Beach? Mobile everything >>
* A few more hours: The wait’s not over for Pluto flyby team >>

* A $15 billion company that can predict when employees will leave is opening a venture fund >>
* How 3D Printing Helps Robots Tackle Their Greatest Obstacle >>
* This Doctor Knows Exactly How You Feel >>

* Researchers build a transistor from a molecule and a few atoms >>
* The future of holes >>
* Virtually Human? >>

* The Real Threat Posed by Powerful Computers >>
* Pluto as we’ve never seen before >>

* A rare peek inside of Google’s self-driving pod car >>
* Report: Facebook testing digital assistant >>
* Wi-Fi Aware Aims To Connect All Your Devices Instantly >>

* New Horizons Calls ‘MOM’ After Pluto Fly-By – Nominal Flight! | Video >>
* 3-D printed food >>
* Mobile Robots and RFID Tags Internet-of-Things-ify the Outdoors >>

* 13 agonizing hours later: Scientists learn they hit mark in Pluto closeup >>
* A vaccine that can be inhaled developed to fight Ebola >>

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