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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 July 2015

* Inside Amazon’s Warehouse, Human-Robot Symbiosis >>
* Stem Cell Exosomes used to Induce Damaged Mouse Hearts to Repair Themselves >>
* US Army installing 15 MRAPs with IED blasting lasers >>

* IBM CTO eventually wants Watson AI to run on Quantum Computers >>
* NASA further developing Titan Space Submarine Design >>
* SCEPS in Space – Non-Radioisotope Power Systems for Sunless Solar System Exploration Missions >>

* These are the first 500 companies allowed to fly drones over the US >>
* Nat Geo’s ‘Mission Pluto’ Documentary – First 5 Minutes | Video >>
* Inside an MRI, a Non-Metallic Robot Performs Prostate Surgery >>

* Biggest Neural Network Ever Pushes AI Deep Learning >>
* Smartphones not so smart for learning? >>
* China built high speed rail in Turkey and is building economically important rail in Africa >>

* Latest NASA map of Pluto will get 1000 times better over the 2 weeks >>
* Dreams of an Automotive Industry in Uganda >>
* Stem Cell Exosomes used to Induce Damaged Mouse Hearts to Repair Themselves >>

* Graphene-Based Microphone Could Let You Hear Like a Bat >>
* How Disruptive Is Tesla, Really? >>
* Colorado Gave Poor Teens Free IUDs and Cut Unintended Pregnancies >>

* The First USB-C Battery That Can Charge a Laptop at Full Speed >>
* A Skyscraper Designed To Survive The Next 10,000 Years >>
* Microsoft shrinks smartphone ambitions with mobile restructuring >>

* Drug-resistant bacteria defeated with a peppermint nanobomb >>
* 3D-printed car contest winner is road ready by design >>
* Microsoft Cutting 7,800 Jobs And Writing Down $7.6 Billion From Nokia Deal >>

* Even Mount Fuji is getting WiFi >>
* Airways eyes controlling planes from space >>
* Microsoft Invents a Virtual Gaming Controller for Mobile Devices >>

* New Zealand plans first private launch site for orbital rockets >>
* The Internet of Things goes after kids >>
* The doctor can see you—5,000 miles away >>

* First ever system of five stars discovered >>
* New sensor chip to detect prostate cancer early >>
* ‘Most sensitive’ test to detect superbugs >>

* Now, make sense of your dog’s woof >>
* Robocall victim to get big payout from Time Warner Cable >>
* Minions fend off Terminator challenge at box office >>

* Mr. Robot Is The Best Hacking Show Yet—but It’s Not Perfect >>
* IBM Watson CTO: Quantum computing could advance artificial intelligence by orders of magnitude >>

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