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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 July 2015

* Americans Build Giant Robot, Challenge Japan To A Duel >>
* Should Babies Have Their Genomes Sequenced? >>
* Wait, some stem cells use nanotubes to communicate with other cells? Seriously? >>

* Walking in nature lowers risk of depression, scientists find in MRI study >>
* Dubai building will be entirely 3D printed, right down to the furniture >>

* New AI Safety Projects Get Funding from Elon Musk >>
* This Experiment Will Make You Believe in Spontaneous Generation of Life >>
* Flix Plus: Hide Spoilers, Show Ratings, and More in Netflix >>

* Microsoft delivers the third Windows 10 preview build released this week >>
* Microsoft Excludes Millions From ‘Free’ Windows 10 Big Launch >>
* You might not get the Windows 10 upgrade on launch day >>
* Which Windows 10 editions get which features? >>

* Hunt Down and Remove Duplicate Files from Your PC >>
* MasterCard’s Gonna Let You Pay With Your Face >>
* Terrifying great white shark attacking a cage is like real life Jaws >>

* Raven Drone Becomes Cyber Carrier Pigeon >>
* NASA’s Thermal Camera Turns Galapagos Volcano Into an Eruption from Hell >>

* We Still Don’t Know Why Men Find Ovulating Women More Attractive >>
* Facebook Will Use These Lasers To Beam Internet From The Sky >>
* The Tech That’ll Save Us From An Apocalyptic Asteroid Looks Awesome >>

* This Flatworm Injects Itself In The Head With Sperm >>
* Watch This Drone Drive A Toy Boat >>
* You Can Feel These Plasma Holograms Made With Femtosecond Lasers >>

* Video: Flying man in wing suit slices right through a hole in a mountain >>
* To create the future we want, we need more moonshots >>
* JXE Streams: An early, eerie look at ‘We Happy Few’ >>

* NASA’s New Horizons captures images of mysterious spots on Pluto >>
* TVPlayer app streams 25 UK pay-TV channels for a fiver a month >>
* Volkswagen robot factory worker takes a human life >>

* Google’s chatbot learned it all from movies >>
* Download Speeds On Next iPhone Could Double, In Theory, With Latest Qualcomm Modem >>
* Microsoft’s Office 2016 preview gets real-time editing in Word and more >>

* ‘smart’ Mouth Guard Knows If You Grind Your Teeth >>
* Exoskeleton Technology Could Redefine Disability >>
* Google driverless cars in accidents again, humans at fault — again >>

* Mozilla CEO: Virtual-reality Firefox could be game-changer >>
* Scientists find potential new HIV therapy >>
* Soon, animal fat, farm waste to power flights >>

* Nasa probe detects methane on Pluto surface >>
* Houston, We Have a Spaceport: FAA Gives ‘Space City’ License for Launches >>
* Falcon 9 Failure Investigation Focuses on Data not Debris as SpaceX Seeks Root Cause >>

* Twisting Graphene Alters Its Electrical Properties >>
* Video Thursday: Giant Robot Duel, Snake Monster on Stairs, and How Driverless Cars See the Road >>
* Ultrasonic burr removing cleaner removes fine burrs in one go >>

* Black Hole ‘Wakes Up’ After 26-Year Slumber >>
* The Man Behind the Kepler Mission –“Re-imagining the Possibilities for Life in the Milky Way” >>
* Should Babies Have Their Genomes Sequenced? >>
* MIT’s Bitcoin-Inspired ‘Enigma’ Lets Computers Mine Encrypted Data >>
* pluto.tv >>

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