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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 July 2015

* Pulsed electric field technology may rejuvenate skin function and appearance >>
* A 21st Century Submarines arms race could see numbers exceeding the 1000 German U-boats of WW2 >>
* A Scientific Ethical Divide Between China and West >>

* Tiny Glider Could Cruise Through Martian Skies >>
* “Phantom Dark Energy” –Will It Cause the Universe to End in a Big Rip? >>
* Methane Detection as New Horizons Closes >>

* The Future of the Web Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin >>
* First Aftermarket Autonomous Cars Hit the Road in California >>
* Novel Wings and Jet Thrusters for Swimming, Flying Robots >>

* Coffee Shops and Home Routers Could Offer Nearby Phones a 4G Data Connection >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* How to Stop Virtual Reality from Making You Want to Puke >>

* Rice University installs powerful electron microscope with sub-nanoscale resolution >>
* ‘Microswimmer’ robots to drill through blocked arteries within four years >>
* Apple Music Is Here, and It’s Already Confusing Me >>

* Big Data and the Future of Business >>
* Parrot Unveils a Hydrofoil Drone >>
* Holland Opens Some Roads to Robots >>

* Chemists Create Microbial “Fight Clubs” to Find New Medicines >>
* Why Birth Control Dispensers Look the Way They Do >>
* New Horizons Spacecraft Gets A Whiff Of Pluto’s Methane >>

* Microsoft’s Latest Quest Into Digital Worlds Could Help Robots “See” >>
* Nanogenerators Will Let Car Tires Pull Electricity From The Ground >>
* This Giant 3-D-Printing Robot Squirts Out Furniture Like A Chef Icing A Cake >>

* Watch a F-16 shoot down a drone in the air >>
* Windows 8’s Market Share Maxes Out At 16% As Windows 10 Looms >>
* Six predictions that Back to the Future II got right >>

* Vpn Providers Respond To Allegations Of Data Leakage >>
* Starquake Measurements Could Be Crucial In Finding Alien Life >>

* This Meteorite Has Been Preserved For Over 520 Years >>
* Blue-eyed people more likely to become alcoholics >>
* Drinking excessive water may be fatal for sportspersons >>

* This Vitamin May Be Behind Your Acne Problems >>
* Apple’s Beats 1 radio station launches >>
* Solar Impulse attempts to cross weather front >>

* Leap second: What does it mean? >>
* Vodafone NZ aims to “retain and attract” top Kiwi talent through new funding scheme >>

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