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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 June 2015

* Human Vs. Robot: Bricklaying Robot Can Place 1,000 Bricks an Hour >>
* A robot called Hadrian wants to build you a house in two days >>
* Samsung could commercialize lithium ion batteries with double the battery life by 2018 >>

* This is what happens when a Google robot gets annoyed with a human >>
* Would Astronauts Have Survived the SpaceX Rocket Explosion? >>
* Big-Bang Theory: “The Universe has Slowed Down and Speeded Up Seven Times” >>

* ‘Exomoons’ Capable of Supporting Life May Be Common >>
* China readying deployment of synchronous traction system for high speed rail that would enable 50% faster operation starting around 2018 >>
* Supreme Court Decision Unlikely to Stall the Shift Away from Coal Plants >>

* The Miraculous 1880s >>
* Wait, What? A Future Technology Forum >>
* Swedish scientists create an artificial neuron that mimicks an organic one >>

* Greece looks certain to default on Tuesday >>
* Researchers Slow Mers In Mice >>
* Watch This Strange Multicopter Carry A Guy >>

* This Week’s TV: Animals Decide to Take Back the Planet from Humanity >>
* Artificial Neurons Could Replace Some Real Ones In Your Brain >>
* Solar Plane Passes Point Of No Return Over The Pacific >>

* The All-Lego Bricasso Printer Creates Mosaics Using Just Your Bricks >>
* How Long Does It Really Take to Think a Thought? >>
* Livecoding.tv Is Twitch.tv For Coding >>

* Drug-delivery implant can keep you medicated for years, and it’s being commercialized now >>
* Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Will Launch On July 20 >>
* ‘Top Gun 2’ will pit Tom Cruise against drones >>

* Terminator TV series will be back >>
* Telescope filter helps spot Earth-like alien worlds >>
* SpaceX’s Failed CRS-7 Mission Had Something To Do With An “Overpressure Event” >>

* Digital disruption underway as 4 in 10 industry incumbents face extinction >>
* Single cells made to levitate, just like frogs and mice >>
* Could an inflamed brain be a hidden cause of depression? >>

* Report: Next iPhone likely to add Force Touch >>
* Netflix Will Soon Outperform All Major TV Networks >>
* Google has a cool new wearable, but it’s not for consumers >>

* Google’s $20M Race to the Moon >>
* This is why SpaceX rocket explosion is a big loss >>
* Will tweaked microbes make Mars Earth-like? >>

* Why Tomorrow is Going to Be One Second Longer than Today >>
* Kurzweil Responds to ‘When Robots Are Everywhere, What Will Humans Be Good For?’ [Video] >>

* Court decides wrangle over shot-down drone >>
* Dutch campaigners fly abortion pills into Poland >>
* Pancreatic cancer blood test breakthrough >>

* What Emotion-reading Computers Are Learning About Us >>
* US Teens Win International Rocketry Challenge >>
* Engineers more than double data transmission capacity over fiber-optic cables >>

* Reaction Engines UK will have new tests of their Skylon Single stage to orbit Sabre Spaceplane engines prototype >>
* How Would You Like Your Robo-Car? Barista-bot? Burrito-mobile? Rolling Movie Theater? >>

* A Cure for MERS (in Mice) >>
* The F-35 Can’t Beat The Plane It’s Replacing In A Dogfight: Report >>
* Soon, Your Phone Could Warn You If You’re Approaching Railroad Tracks >>

* MIT Invented a Way to Automatically Fix Software Bugs With Borrowed Code >>
* MIT tests ‘software transplants’ to fix buggy code >>

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