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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2015

* See the Beauty of Earth and Space in Stunning New ISS Timelapse >>
* One gene may drive leap from single cell to multicellular life >>
* Soil Sensors Can Cut Farms’ Water Use By a Quarter During Drought >>

* Extreme Exercise Can Poison the Blood >>
* Police robot duo storm Colorado house, end four-day siege >>
* Astronomers Claim to Take First Glimpse of Primordial Stars >>

* Lasers, Magnetism Allow Glimpses of the Human Brain at Work >>
* Endless Is Building a Computer for the Developing World >>
* Comp beats man in IQ test for first time >>

* Mind-reading Program Translates Thoughts Into Text >>
* 50 Smartest Companies 2015 >>
* 18-rotor Volocopter Is Like A Flying Car, But Better >>

* I want to give you a thoughtful home, not just a smart one >>
* Laser ‘tricorder’ can diagnose malaria through the skin >>
* Facebook can recognise you in photos even if you’re not looking >>

* This Week’s TV: When Every Home Has An Android Servant, Things Get Weird >>
* Final Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer Is Low On Gun-Flutes, High On Crazy >>
* New way to replace heart valve offers a ray of hope >>

* Now, owls’ wings to help design noiseless aircraft >>
* First-Person-View Drone Racing Looks Like All Kinds of Fun >>
* Point, Click, and Fire in Virtual Reality—With Just Your Eyes >>

* This black goop is what will be at the heart of the next generation of batteries >>
* Remote control out, change TV channels with mind >>
* Lasers, Magnetism Allow Glimpses of the Human Brain at Work >>

* This Little Fly Can Inflict Some Serious Pain >>
* Today’s ‘Galaxy’ Insight –“We’re Living in the Age of Cosmology” >>
* “The Great Migration” –10,000 Black Holes and Neutron Stars Swarm at Milky Way’s Center >>

* NASA To Probe Europa For Signs Of Life | Video >>
* Data Mining Reveals the Surprising Factors Behind Successful Movies >>

* Flashristors: Getting the Best of Memristors and Flash Memory >>
* The Real Software Security Problem Is Us >>
* The Us Army Wants Its Own Hoverbike, Again >>

* Hubble’s Proposed Supersize Successor Generates Controversy >>
* Medical sensors will make wearable tech indispensable for all of us >>

* Blind Americans can now ‘see’ with a device that uses their tongues >>
* 5G network defined by ITU as 20 GBs per second >>

* Why Scientists Have Been Scared of Space Germs for Almost 50 Years >>
* Google looks for content makers to test its Jump virtual reality video camera >>
* Google Is Looking For Testers For Its Jump VR Video Cameras >>

* UCLA discovers how solar cells’ charges can last for weeks >>
* 3D Printing Helps Researchers Study a 66.4 Million Year Old T-rex’s Intelligence >>
* Scientists identify amino acid that stops seizures in mice >>

* First sensor of Earth’s magnetic field in an animal >>
* Gillmor Gang: Breaking News >>
* Answer To A 150-year-old Math Conundrum Brings More Mystery >>

* Surveillance of ‘silent transmission’ of polio needed to wipe out virus >>
* Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks >>
* Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep >>

* Pulse detonation engine and continuous detonation wave engines >>
* Turbomachine roadmap to 2020 >>

* UK Woman Gets “World’s Most Advanced” Bionic Hand Replacement >>
* Microsoft Windows 10 Bombshell: It’s Free For Everyone >>

* Robot Swarm Behavior Suggests Forgetting May Be Important To Cultural Evolution >>
* Samsung DW80J7550US Dishwasher Review >>

* New device lets blind ‘see’ via their tongues >>
* Deep learning machine beats humans in IQ test >>
* Are drones really on the verge of delivering packages to your doorstep? >>

* 5 reasons why TV networks are ordering shorter seasons >>
* The Unintended Consequences of Free Windows 10 For Everyone >>

* Lasers, magnetism allow glimpses of the human brain at work >>
* 100 Years of Great Physics: Watch Live Monday and Tuesday [Video] >>
* Tricorder XPRIZE Competition Heats Up >>

* HD Documentary 2015 || Mystery of the Milky Way Galaxy, Videos Space Documentary >>
* How Computers Will Crack the Genetic Code and Improve Billions of Lives >>
* What F1 Cars Would Look Like if F1 Got Its Act Together >>

* The story of the invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing as well >>
* Watch a Vega rocket launch a satellite to space >>
* Buying an operating system might be a thing of the past >>

* New Freescale I.MX7 Processor Line Takes Aim At IoT >>
* Ibm Teams Up With The Weather Company For Emergency Tech >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens Has a Huge Flaw That Won’t Be Solved By Launch >>

* The Wait-for-Google-to-Do-It Strategy >>
* Speeding Up 3-D Printing >>
* Slowing the Biological Clock >>

* Micro-tentacles for tiny robots can handle delicate objects like blood vessels >>
* NASA Hands Over Historic Shuttle Landing Facility For Commercial Use >>
* Ask Ray | Health technologies to support sleep apnea and snoring >>

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