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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 June 2015

* Using Light to Activate a Mouse’s Happy Memory Protects It from Stress >>
* Automated Vehicles: One Eye on the Road, Another on You >>
* Injectable Implants Could Help Crack the Brain’s Codes >>

* Solving the Last Great 3-D Printing Challenge: Printing in Color >>
* German Lasers Hit Moving Drone >>

* Can We Design Trust Between Humans and Artificial Intelligence? >>
* 1,000 units of Pepper, the human-like robot that feels emotions, sell out in a minute >>

* The sixth mass extinction is here, say Stanford researchers >>
* I Just Got A Preview Of Oculus Rift — And Facebook’s — Killer App >>
* Scientists Find Lava Flows On The Surface Of Venus >>

* Researchers design placenta-on-a-chip to better understand pregnancy >>
* Deep Learning And The Future Of Search Engine Optimization >>
* These Are What The Google Artificial Intelligence’s Dreams Look Like >>

* The Grand Canyon Star Party: Illuminating Dark Skies >>
* NASA’S New Horizon’s Hangout: Countdown to Pluto! >>
* Windows Insiders will need a Microsoft account to get the release version of Windows 10 >>

* A computational algorithm for fact-checking >>
* A Review of Code: Debugging the Gender Gap >>
* Toyota’s Revamped Next Generation Turbo Diesel Engines >>

* Awesome space videos make water look alive like the Terminator T-1000 >>
* Nasa Burritos, Dying White Blood Cells, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week >>
* What It Will Take for Humans to Live on the Moon >>

* Swimming nanobots target cancer cells inside your body >>
* Artificial brain turns clouds into psychedelic pig-snails >>

* Fighting cancer with avocado and other discoveries of the week >>
* Podcast: the doctor is ready for you — on your phone >>
* China develops a 15-min MERS test >>

* Genes may determine how much sleep you need >>
* International Yoga Day – by numbers >>
* ‘This could be a real game-changer’: protein points to cure for life-limiting disease >>

* Scientists want to test a potential anti-aging drug that could change the way we think about growing old >>
* Google is now one step closer to taking over your connected home with the launch of Nest Cam >>
* Pipe Dream: How Would Hyperloop Travel Work? >>

* Yes, We Are in the Early Stages of a Mass Extinction >>
* 5G Network Speed Defined As 20 Gbps By the International Telecommunication Union >>
* 3D printing has been taken to a whole new level: Color >>

* Woah, man, Google made a computer program that makes trippy art >>
* NASA tests battle trucks as astronaut escape vehicles >>
* Facebook enhances C++ with parallel programming tool >>

* Why Discovering Martians Could Be Disappointing >>
* Facebook’s New Ai Can Paint, But Google’s Knows How To Party >>
* How to make instant carbon nanoparticles at home for cool biomedical uses >>

* Injectable Implants Could Help Crack the Brain’s Codes >>
* NASA’s Europa Mission Approved for Next Development Stage >>
* Robots having a steam engine like effect on productivity but are NOT killing jobs overall so far >>

* Comments of the Week #65: from the highest temperature to the Earth’s tilt >>
* It’s not just hype – 3D printing is the bridge to the future >>
* There’s Growing Evidence of Volcanic Activity on Venus >>

* NASA’s Mission To Europa Moves One Step Closer To Reality >>
* Amazon uses machine learning to show you more helpful reviews >>
* By 2018, 62% Of CRM Will Be Cloud-Based, And The Cloud Computing Market Will Reach $127.5B >>

* New trailers: Peanuts, The Leftovers, Kung Fu Panda 3, and more >>
* What It Was Like To See A Volcano Being Born >>
* The Brain Age >>

* Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 to anyone who tests it >>
* Jaguar wants to monitor its drivers’ brainwaves, heart rate, and breathing >>

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