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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 June 2015

* The First Full-Color HD Videos Of Earth Taken From Space Are Amazing >>
* Scientists Are Growing A Human Placenta On A Chip >>
* YouTube’s multi-angle video meets Boeing’s acrobatic 787 flight >>

* YouTube Wants To Get Into Eyewitness News >>
* E3 2015: Test driving the consumer Oculus Rift >>
* Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Relinquishes Control Of What We “See First” >>

* Here’s How NASA Will Grab an Asteroid Using a Spiky Robot Gripper >>
* Magnetically controlled ‘nanoswimmer’ could deliver drugs via bloodstream >>
* Biotech’s Coming Cancer Cure >>

* Smart jeans, tiny radar, and other crazy inventions from Google’s ATAP lab >>
* Your next laptop might have a touch-sensitive spacebar >>
* The new Oculus Rift is our first glimpse of real, mainstream VR >>

* Butt Identification, and Other Awkward Biometrics >>
* HoloLens games are too good for HoloLens >>
* This Computer Program Taught Itself To Play — And Beat — ‘Super Mario World’ >>

* Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you if it means saving more strangers? >>
* Blood chemical predicts brain decline >>
* Scientists freeze molecule to almost absolute zero >>

* New anti-malaria drug developed at Dundee University >>
* Revealed: The Secret Gear Connecting Google’s Online Empire >>
* Orbiting ‘Rest Stops’ to Repair Crumbling Satellites? >>

* Kepler-138b: A Mars-Size Exoplanet >>
* World’s thinnest light source made from graphene >>
* Reducing the heat generated by the billions of transistors in computers >>

* So This Is What a $150 Xbox Controller Feels Like >>
* Syfy’s ‘Killjoys’: Space Bounty Hunting Action & Adventure: Gallery >>
* Bladeless Fans Make A Looping Track For Balloons >>
* Koenigsegg One:1 Just Beat The World Record For Acceleration And Deceleration >>

* Pepper, the Robot That Reads Your Emotions, Will Be Sold to Consumers >>
* Scientists Image a Shock Wave Pulsing Through Diamond for First Time >>
* Inside Mit’s Virtual, Robotic Workplace >>

* Is Food The Next Frontier For Image Recognition? >>
* An Extra-Large Nanocage Molecule For Quantum Computing >>

* Eye Trick Reveals Musicians Even See In Tune >>
* Nose ‘gps’ Lets Us Navigate By Smell >>
* Some Birds ‘sign’ Eggs To Weed Out Impostors >>

* Latest ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Trailer Looks Incredible >>
* BMW’s ‘Light & Charge’ street lamps double as EV chargers >>
* Virtual Reality Devices: $4 Billion+ Business By 2018 >>

* How Samsung Is Using The World As Its Gear VR Laboratory >>
* Scientists discover how to make safer lithium batteries >>
* An Extra-Large Nanocage Molecule For Quantum Computing >>

* Scientists plan risky move to get Rosetta spacecraft nearer comet >>
* See Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Unsuspecting Terminator Fans >>
* Scientists Find a Gene That Regulates Sleep >>

* How DNA Could Help Catch Elephant Poachers >>
* All Systems Go for NASA’s Mission to Jupiter Moon Europa >>
* A lifelike bionic hand >>

* Astronomers have measured the mass and size of the smallest exoplanet yet and it is Mars sized >>
* HP new computer architecture will push regular technology and transition to custom OS and memristors sometime over the next five years >>
* NASA mission to Europe is in development phase for launch in 2020s >>

* Twitter buys Whetlab to fast track machine learning efforts >>
* Graphene Wraps Up Wires, Boosting Chip Speeds by Thirty Percent >>
* Data Mining Reveals How Human Health Varies with City Size >>

* VR Music Visualizers Are Like Tripping Without Drugs >>
* I Used The Final Oculus Rift. Here Are The Games Worth Playing. >>
* Horizon Zero Dawn: a robot-dinosaur hunting game with something to say about life >>

* Agencies, Hoping to Deflect Comets and Asteroids, Step Up Earth Defense >>
* Tissue scaffold technology could help rebuild large organs >>
* What we learned about Microsoft at E3 2015 >>

* The top 5 video games at E3 2015 >>
* Meet The Gigapixel Camera: Your 14 Megapixel Digital Camera On Steroids >>
* What we learned about Microsoft at E3 2015 >>

* The Next Great American Scientists Will Not Graduate From Harvard >>
* Google’s artificial intelligence interprets photos as animal faces, with creepy results >>
* The male Pill is coming – and it’s going to change everything >>

* Building the face of a criminal from DNA >>
* Scientists are shocked to find out most kangaroos are left-handed >>
* Google just announced that its AI has dreams and here’s what they look like >>

* Researchers Use 3D Printing for Precise Control in Programmable Release Drug Delivery Capsules >>
* Why it matters that computers are now able to judge human creativity >>

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