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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 June 2015

* Nevada creating ‘electric highway’ for EVs >>
* Cancer drugs can be tested on pet dogs with tumours >>
* Soon, drones to catch mosquitoes, predict epidemics >>

* ‘Floating Cloud’ Could Replace Mirrors on Future Space Telescopes >>
* ‘Brain-to-Text’ system converts speech brainwave patterns to text >>

* Google DeepMind Teaches Artificial Intelligence Machines to Read >>
* Voice recognition is so good i wrote this story without typing >>
* A Robotic Dog’s Mortality >>

* Does a black hole create a hologram copy of anything that touches it? >>
* VoiceBox Has Ways of Making Your Car Talk >>

* Human Longevity working towards mining millions of genomes and health records to crack radical life extension >>
* Paper-based Origami Battery Operates on the Respiration of Microbes >>

* Jobs That Humans Will Never Do Again, As Long As We Have Robots >>
* Despicable Me Director Reveals What Your Pets Do While You’re Away >>
* Weighing This Tiny Planet Could Help The Search For Alien Life >>

* Brain-stimulating Helmet May Help Parkinson’s Patients >>
* This Is the World’s First 3D-Printed Platinum Spacecraft Thruster >>
* Why Police Need a Warrant to Track Your Cell Phone Location Records >>

* This Heart-on-a-Chip Uses Gravity to Mimic a Human Pulse >>
* Russia Is Working On An Anti-drone Microwave Gun >>
* Laser-armed Cryo Robots Could Explore Europa For Alien Life >>

* Amazon’s delivery drones could be in the air within a year >>
* Google Pulls Back Curtain On Its Data Center Networking Setup >>

* Why did Microsoft just combine its Windows and Devices businesses ? >>
* Microsoft Shakes Up Its Leadership And Internal Structure As Its Fiscal Year Comes To A Close >>
* 10 Best New Android and iOS Games 2015 >>

* For Cancer Research, Radioactive Decay Is Observed by Scientists For the First Time >>
* This ultra-efficient robot walks just like people do >>
* Astronomers Report Finding Earliest Stars That Enriched Cosmos >>

* Google’s Nest launches new security camera >>
* Using virtual reality to overcome fear, reduce prejudice >>
* Who Will Own the Robots? >>

* How to turn off Twitter’s annoying new autoplay feature >>
* Swedish Supercar Goes From Zero-to-Fabulous-to-Zero in Record Time >>
* Fetch Robotics Secures Massive $20 Million Investment from SoftBank >>

* M45: The Pleiades Star Cluster >>
* 11 Incredible Secrets About The Making Of Back To The Future >>
* This Map Of 2100 Should Make You Nervous About The Future Of Farming >>

* This 1972 Documentary Predicted We’d Choose Our Own Skin Colors >>
* Big Question: Can My Br ain Get Too Full? >>
* Artificial intelligence: don’t fear AI. It’s already on your phone – and useful >>

* Sony To Become First Company To Offer A La Carte TV Service >>
* When Our Homes Become Connected, Designers Will Save Us >>
* 3D-Printed Platinum Spacecraft Thruster Passes Hot-Fire Tests | Video >>

* Why Aren’t Aliens Calling Earth? >>
* It’s time to have a global conversation about how AI should be developed >>

* Meanwhile in the Future: Never Sleep Again, Using This Drug >>
* BBC is developing mind control television >>

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