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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 June 2015

* Earth’s gravity may force us to do quantum experiments in space >>
* Dark Matter and the Shadow Universe >>
* Chimps Want Us to Cook Their Food >>

* The Hyperloop’s biggest questions are still unanswered >>
* Airbus is making internet-beaming satellites, just like SpaceX >>

* Amazon reportedly wants to turn its own customers into couriers >>
* Tomb Raider comes to smartphones and tablets with Lara Croft Go >>
* Microbiologists discover 35 new groups of bacteria in Colorado >>

* Tiny drone packs real gimbal and live streaming >>
* E3 2015 Will Make Virtual Reality ‘The Next Big Thing’ In Gaming >>
* What I learned by reading Businessweek’s incredible 38,000-word article on code >>

* Methane in Mars Meteorites Suggests Possibility of Life >>
* New Spaceship Antenna Prevents Radio Silence During Fiery Re-Entry >>
* NASA Satellite Falls Out of Space, Burns Up Over Tropics >>

* Extreme Stars Found Hidden in the “Eye of Medusa” Galaxy Merger >>
* US-China Cooperation in Space: Is It Possible, and What’s in Store? >>
* New Solar Storm Tool Could Give 24 Hours’ Notice of Space Weather >>

* First Interplanetary CubeSats to Launch on NASA’s 2016 InSight Mars Lander >>
* Modular Customized Missiles on Demand >>
* DURUS: SRI’s Ultra-Efficient Walking Humanoid Robot >>

* First CubeSats Planned for Mars >>
* Deep Learning Machine Beats Humans in IQ Test and performs between bachelor and masters degree level >>
* IBM calls Apache Spark the most important open source project in a decade as it can speed machine learning apps 100 times >>

* More Light From Metamaterials >>
* Brains of the future will be hybrid of man and machine >>
* Who Will Own the Robots? >>

* Dying White Blood Cells Alert Others To The Presence Of Pathogens >>
* Amazon Is Considering Enlisting Ordinary People To Deliver Packages >>
* A Moving Course Built on Giant Dump Trucks Finally Makes Golf Exciting >>

* A Smartphone App Turns a Land Rover Into a Giant RC Car >>
* Why This Futuristic Flying Boat Won’t Replace Airliners Any Time Soon >>
* A Router That Keeps Wi-fi Flowing To All Your Gadgets >>

* Russia’s Testing a ‘Microwave Gun’ That Will De-Arm Drones at 6 Miles >>
* How Emojis Could Leap From Messages To Logins >>
* How Volvo Plans To End All Traffic Fatalities By 2020 0 >>

* Wi-Fi and LTE join up for gigabit mobile service in Korea >>
* Pushbullet launches Portal, an app to transfer files between Android and your PC >>
* Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 review: Extending video editing beyond the desktop >>

* NASA wants someone to design a rocket launch system for tiny satellites >>
* Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving voice directions to Waze users >>
* Xbox One Elite controller is for the most hardcore of gamers >>

* Robots compete in NASA challenge >>
* Pluto Just 4 Weeks, 20 Million Miles Away for Spacecraft >>
* Tough Brain Tumors May Have A Weak Spot >>

* Chocolate could be good for the heart >>
* Virtual reality set to make huge impact on everyday lives >>
* Isro working to have critical tech for human space mission >>

* EmTech Digital 2015 Media Coverage >>

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