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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 June 2015

* Always Forget Your Passcode? Soon You May Use Emoji Instead Of Numbers >>
* The Instagram Search Engine Wars: Why Machine Vision’s The Next Big Thing For Brands >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens lets you build ‘Minecraft’ worlds on your tabletop >>

* Soon You’ll Be Able to Play Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One >>
* Spacex Wants You To Build Transport Pods For Elon Musk’s Hyperloop >>
* Humanity’s Future Will Be In Caves … On the Moon >>

* Microsoft’s drones to catch mosquitoes and help stop epidemics >>
* Netflix is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update in Four Years >>

* Facebook Moments Makes Photo Sharing Easy, But Ugh, Another Facebook App >>
* Drug with potential to reduce weight identified >>
* Five things we learned on first day of E3 >>

* This Humanoid Robot That Transforms Into a Car Is Actually Being Built >>
* Smartphones (and Motorcycles) Fuel Hyperlocal E-Commerce in India >>
* Developing a 5 watt nuclear D cell battery that lasts decades for cubesat space missions >>

* Graphene Shines in World’s Thinnest Light Bulb >>
* Spacex and Elon Musk building Hyperloop test track and hosting prototype pod competition >>
* Robotic Tools Understand What You Want to Do, Help You Do It >>

* AI program predicts key disease-associated genetic mutations for hundreds of complex diseases >>
* NASA will launch two interplanetary cubesats in 2016 >>
* Self-Awareness –“Not Unique to Homo Sapiens” >>

* Syfy’s ‘Killjoys’ Follows Bounty Hunter Trio’s Space Adventures | Trailer >>
* Dead Satellite Will Fall Out of Space on Tuesday >>

* Book Review:”Interplanetary Outpost: The Human and Technological Challenges of Exploring the Outer Planets” >>

* In NASA First, Cubesats Headed to Mars with InSight Lander >>
* Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Campaign Is the Most Effective Step You Can Take towards Your Longevity >>
* 5 New Secrets to Achieving Your Goals, Backed By Research >>

* Scientists Emerge After Eight-Month ‘Trip to Mars’ >>
* Smoking Causes 12 Different Kinds of Cancers >>
* Watch EA’s E3 2015 Event Live Right Here >>

* Wait, How Did These Chunks Of Glass End Up In A Crater On Mars? >>
* A New Way to Track Sperm Could Make IVF Easier >>
* The Technology to Build Organ Banks is Coming >>

* Apple OS X El Capitan preview: Better Spaces, transit maps and more >>
* Ask an Expert: All About Sleeping Disorders >>
* Share event photos with friends via another new Facebook app >>

* Microsoft is also partnering with Valve for VR on Windows 10 >>
* Microsoft Reveals Dedicated Version Of Minecraft For HoloLens >>
* Microsoft reveals a slew of Xbox One indie games at E3 >>

* Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is A Bombshell >>
* IBM prepares Spark for machine learning >>
* Monitoring Brain Activity With Mesh Electronics >>

* Microsoft’s Holographic Minecraft Demo Is Stunning >>
* 9 TED Talks guaranteed to give you wanderlust >>

* StarVR is a QHD headset with an ultra-wide field of view >>
* 3D Printing is About to Change the World Forever >>
* Smartphone beacons power crowdsourced weather forecasts >>

* Intense Rain Bursts Rise with Heat, Forecast More Flash Flooding >>
* Quantum Technology Probes Ultimate Limits of Vision >>

* Philae awakes: What next for probe after 7 month nap on comet? >>
* First look: Facebook’s new photo-sharing app Moments >>
* This Dishwasher Will Work At 35,000 Feet >>

* Car sharing won’t muscle out vehicle ownership >>
* Exclusive: Arnold Schwarzenegger voices Waze as the Terminator >>
* Fish oil may restore nerve damage in Diabetic neuropathy patients >>

* Head transplant patient keen to `make science’ >>
* The New ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Looks Good. Really, Really Good >>
* Logitech’s UE Roll is a great Bluetooth speaker you can take in the shower >>

* Xbox One dashboard update includes a huge new design and Cortana >>
* Nuts ‘protect against early death’ >>
* Scientists use graphene to create the world’s smallest light bulb >>

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