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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2015

* Mercedes-Benz is going head-to-head against Tesla with a home battery >>
* Future airplane wings will bleed and clot to self-heal cracks >>

* Bionic leg climbs stairs with ease >>
* Dinosaur blood cells extracted from 75-million-year-old fossil >>
* Facebook offers businesses free Place Tips beacon devices >>

* TiVo Now Lets Subscribers Stream Recordings And Live TV Via The Web >>
* Oculus accidentally reveals an early VR controller concept >>
* The First Consumer Drone That Steers Itself Around Obstacles >>

* SpaceX Crew Dragon nails critical safety milestone >>
* These Engineers Want to Replace Your Oven With a Countertop Gadget >>
* Apple’s WWDC Keynote In 90 Seconds >>

* Apple’s iOS 9 HealthKit Will Finally Keep Track of Menstrual Cycles >>
* Dna Assembly Tech Is Making The World’s Smallest Data Storage >>
* What exactly is Apple Music, anyway? >>

* Hackers Can Tap Into Hospital Drug Pumps To Serve Lethal Doses To Patients >>
* Fraunhofer Optics Could Make Augmented Reality Specs Thinner >>
* Microsoft launching 1TB Xbox One next week >>

* Injectable Brain Implant Spies on Individual Neurons >>
* Injectable electronics could form basis for brain implants >>
* New Injectable Brain Implants Take Us One Step Closer To A Cyborg Future >>

* Your entire viral infection history from a single drop of blood >>
* Creating DNA-based nanostructures without water >>
* 20 billion nanoparticles electrically stimulate mice brains >>

* The Boy Who Built A 500-Million-Degree Nuclear Fusion Reactor >>
* Software Is Eating The Job Market >>
* Does Focus On Ebola Miss Other Deadly Diseases? >>

* NASA: SpaceX’s Dragon pad abort test was a success >>
* Apple music demo with Eddy Cue >>
* Stanford scientist Manu Prakash makes water based computer >>

* New gloves to let users ‘feel’ virtual reality >>
* UK police may predict crime >>
* Scientists discover ‘trigger’ which could stop breast cancer spreading >>

* NASA Aiming for Multiple Missions to Jupiter Moon Europa >>
* Supersonic Parachute on NASA ‘Flying Saucer’ Apparently Fails in Test (Video) >>

* U.S.-Japan Missile Interceptor Makes its First Flight >>
* Joe Eck finds superconducting transition at 141C which is above soldering temperature >>
* Robo-Trucks Come to Canada’s Oil Sands >>

* How South Korea’s DRC-HUBO Robot Won the DARPA Robotics Challenge >>
* Australia plans mach 20 scramjet in 2018 >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

* Why Robots and Humans Struggled with DARPA’s Challenge >>
* Disruptive CRISPR gene therapy is 150 times cheaper than zinc fingers >>
* Ballet of Space Station Reconfiguration At 17,000+ MPH | Time-Lapse Video >>

* The future of business travel – smartwatches and virtual reality >>
* Showering in Space: Astronaut Home Video Shows Off ‘Hygiene Corner’ >>
* This is the first image taken by Bill Nye’s LightSail spacecraft >>

* Artificial leg allows patient to feel >>
* Airbus A380 is the world’s biggest airliner. Jack Stewart gets a behind-the-scenes >>

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