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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 June 2015

* Watch the Finals of DARPA’s Robotics Challenge Right Here >>
* What Google Wants To Do With… Radar? >>
* The World’s First 10K TV Is Here. But Why? >>

* Researchers Power a Security Camera With Wi-Fi Signals >>
* Feds Unveil Technology to Create ‘World Without Drunk Driving’ >>
* Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to Break Ground >>

* DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals: Rules and Course >>
* How to Watch the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals Online >>
* The Most Hilarious Robo-Falls from the DARPA Robotics Challenge >>

* Waiter Spits In Drink At Chili’s Restaurant, Cops Use DNA To Find Out Who Did It >>
* Bradford Student Invents a 3D Printer That Can Print With & Mix Multiple Colors in Single Layers >>
* Gene Therapy halts Type 1 Diabetes in Mice >>

* HP Puts the Future of Computing On Hold >>
* Planarian regeneration model discovered by AI algorithm >>
* With $31.5 Million in New Funds, Nantero Keeps Up the Good Fight >>

* Mad Max: Fury Road without the special effects is still freaking awesome >>
* This Is Why It’s So Hard To Get An Accurate Map Of The Milky Way >>
* Video explainer: Why we haven’t found any aliens in the universe >>

* Researchers say: Don’t worry what other people think, going out on your own can be fun >>
* DNAnexus Powers Research Into Feeding The World >>
* People Outwit Mri Scans With Fake Memories >>

* Every Virus a Person Has Had Can Be Seen in a Drop of Blood, Researchers Find >>
* The Pre-WWDC Apple rumor roundup >>
* What should investors expect from Apple’s developer conference for 2015? >>

* Google to report driverless car accidents going forward >>
* Apple WWDC preview: iOS 9, new music, Watch updates — but no TV >>

* DARPA boosting additive manufacturing using more than 1000 microbots and enhancing quality of titanium products >>
* 8 Must-Have Implants for the Cyborg Patient >>
* Next-generation energy-efficient light-based computers >>

* European Conference on Mobile Robots 2015 >>
* The Quest to Engineer the Perfect Potato >>
* How Today’s Tech Will Shape Tomorrow’s Job Interview >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – June 5, 2015: Stephen Fowler, Creative Director at InfoAge >>
* LightSail Solar Sail Spacecraft Goes Silent Again >>
* United Arab Emirates to Launch Mars Mission by 2021 >>

* The View from Outside the Galaxy >>
* Milky Way Glows Over Covered Bridge in Spectacular Stargazer Photo >>
* How to Build a Smarter Mars Rover >>

* Talking Spaceships & Sci-Fi Awesomeness Rule in 2 New SyFy Channel Shows >>
* Wild chimps teach scientists about gene that encodes HIV-fighting protein >>
* Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy Lives On in the Asteroid Belt >>

* The Obscure Quantum Origins of the Universe (Weekend Feature) >>
* A Crisis at the Edge of Physics >>
* LightSail, a Private Spacecraft, Goes Unexpectedly Quiet >>

* Super-resolution electron microscopy of soft materials like biomaterials >>
* 3-D printing tough biogel structures for tissue engineering or soft robots >>

* Building and transplanting a bioengineered forelimb >>
* First multi-organ transplant that includes skull and scalp >>
* Wild chimps teach scientists about gene that encodes HIV-fighting protein >>

* Race for a Smart Contact Lens Gets New Entry from a Thiel Dropout >>
* How Mobile Phone Data Reveals the True Toll of Mass Layoffs >>
* World’s Largest Telescope Begins Construction >>

* Robot arm beats a master swordsman at slicing things >>
* Google reveals its self-driving car accident record >>
* Boeing received a patent for drones that can recharge in midair >>

* The Myth of “Female Viagra” >>
* Haier’s New Appliances Take Aim at Small Kitchens >>

* Samsung’s Activewash is one of the best laundry innovations we’ve ever seen. >>
* Built-in keg fridge makes beer dreams come true >>
* World’s ‘most precise’ quantum thermometer designed >>

* How Chess Has Changed Over The Last 150 Years >>
* Hands on with Pepper, the affectionate robot >>
* New drug may prevent death from flu virus >>

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