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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 June 2015

* First Demonstration of a Surveillance Camera Powered by Ordinary Wi-Fi Broadcasts >>

* DARPA developing a complete hypersonic vehicle by 2023 >>
* VIDEO: Miniature Robots Perform Surgery >>
* Thync From Neuroscience to Consumer Technology >>

* Rebooting the Human Genome >>
* Missing link found between brain, immune system >>
* EmTech Digital: Design Is What Differentiates Tech Companies Today >>

* EmTech Digital: Magic Leap Plans to Open Its Virtual World to Developers >>
* Graphene Heating System Dramatically Reduces Home Energy Costs >>
* Revolutionary Consensus, Interpretation Rivalries >>

* Surgeons In Brazil Successfully Implant A 3D-Printed Titanium Skull >>
* A Therapeutic Robot Teddy Bear Will Play With Kids in the Hospital >>
* Your Wireless Internet Could Power Your Future Devices >>

* Scientists Are Turning Their Backs on Algorithms Inspired By Nature >>
* VirtualBox 5.0 beta four graduates to become first release candidate >>
* Robotic vehicles find the Pacific Ocean’s deepest thermal vents >>

* Quanta’s Compute Plug is a Windows 10 PC in a wall wart >>
* Apple TV will serve as hub for remotely controlling HomeKit devices >>
* Genes Determine Whether You Are Quick To Laugh or Smile >>

* ‘Brainprints’ May Replace Passwords in the Future >>
* The Large Hadron Collider Starts Smashing Atoms At Full Power >>
* Asus mini-PCs pack Skylake chips, 4K video capabilities >>

* Dell’s latest thin-bezel laptop fronts a wave of new Windows 10 devices >>
* 6.1B Smartphone Users Globally By 2020, Overtaking Basic Fixed Phone Subscriptions >>
* HidrateMe Is A Connected Water Bottle That Will Glow When You Need To Take A Sip >>

* Apple’s Siri has role in new ‘smart’ home systems >>
* Island of wild children: Would they learn to be human? >>
* Vaccine Aims at Fly Host of Disease Parasite >>

* World’s first biolimb: Rat forelimb grown in the lab >>
* A Talking Teddy Bear Practicing in the Pediatric Hospital >>

* Inside NASA’s New $18-Billion Deep-Space Rocket >>
* NASA tests ‘Flying Saucer’ to deliver probes to Mars >>
* Welcome to Apple vs. Google, the next round >>

* Reduced smelling ability precursor to early death: Study >>
* Exponential Finance: New Breed of Organizations Re-Ranks the Fortune 100 >>

* Physicist Proposes New Way To Think About Intelligence | Inside Science >>
* Accelerated wound healing by injectable microporous gel >>
* Exponential Finance: Our Children Won’t Know a Bank Teller from a Chimney Sweep >>

* Exponential Finance: Cost of Living in the Future Will Be Substantially Reduced >>
* Astronomers Describe Chaotic Dance of Pluto’s Moons >>
* NASA’s Martian ‘Flying Saucer’ to Launch Test Flight Thursday: Watch Live >>

* WALK-MAN Team Built Brand New, Highly Custom Robot for DRC Finals >>
* StoreDot Wants to Charge Your EV in 5 Minutes >>
* Young Solar System Observed Around a Nearby Star >>

* Pre-DRC Finals Video Post: What to Expect from the World’s Most Sophisticated Robots >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

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