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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 June 2015

* New Device Could Be a Safer Alternative to Lung Ventilators >>
* Technological Unemployment and the Future of Work >>
* Emulating animals, these robots can recover from damage in two minutes >>

* EmTech Digital: Two Perspectives on How Mobility Might Be Changing >>
* MIT cheetah robot now jumps over obstacles autonomously >>
* EmTech Digital: Pinterest’s Bid to Reinvent Online Shopping >>

* Electrons ride huge plasma tubes above Earth >>
* Acer’s Android gaming tablet is the first with Intel’s new chip >>
* Acer’s smart diaper is the crappiest demo at Computex >>

* Apple will live stream its WWDC keynote on June 8 >>
* New MongoDB Connector Creates Direct Link To Data Visualization Tools >>
* Here Are The First Connected Home Devices For Apple’s HomeKit >>

* US Airport Screeners Missed 95% of Weapons, Explosives In Undercover Tests >>
* A Road Map to the “Volume Control” of Genes >>
* Apple HomeKit-enabled IoT products roll out >>

* Spacecraft made of graphene could fly without fuel >>
* Facebook opens artificial intelligence lab in Paris >>
* Gene mutation that leads to colour blindness identified >>

* IQ of people has been increasing over past 100 years >>
* NASA set for revolutionary ‘flying saucer’ test flight >>
* Scientists have discovered that we’re going to the bathroom the wrong way >>

* How Google created the world’s smartest photo app >>
* NASA’s Flying Saucer Ready for 2nd Test Flight >>
* CELLINK 3D Prints Miniature Ears & Unveils First Universal Bioink for Printing Living Tissue >>

* Lenovo Steps Into 3D Printing Space — Unveils Chocolate Printers >>
* Mary Meekers 2015 Internet Trends >>
* Immunology Cancer treatment could replace chemotherapy as the standard treatment within five years >>

* Why the Millennials Are the Most Important Generation Yet >>
* NASA Developing Plans for Human Missions to Cislunar Space in 2020s >>
* Cassini Spacecraft Sees Final, Stunning View of Saturn Moon Hyperion >>

* A Kuiper Belt in the Making >>
* Mach 3 naval guns are double the speed of standard shells and brings some benefits expected from hypersonic railguns >>
* Soft Actuators Go From Squishy to Stiff (and Back Again) >>

* Green Microchips Created on Cellulose Nanofibril Paper >>
* Robot check-in: The hotel concierge goes hi-tech >>
* Watch Nasa’s Steamy Test Of Its Giant Rocket Engine >>

* Siri, turn down the lights and turn up the heat: First gizmos for Apple HomeKit love-in arrive >>
* Why Japan’s Bullet Train Will Finally Bring High-Speed Rail to America >>
* Plasmoids Could Change the Way We Create Thermonuclear Fusion >>

* Koenigsegg Regera Goes From Zero To 250 Mph In Under 20 Seconds >>
* Google hopes to count the calories in your food photos >>
* GameFly is launching its own Netflix-for-games streaming service >>

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