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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 June 2015

* Robots Learn to Push Heavy Objects With Their Bodies, Just Like You >>
* Your Doctor Could Grow A Tiny Version Of Your Brain In A Dish >>
* Watch A Rat Drive A Tiny Car >>

* Windows 10 Is Coming July 29th >>
* Yes, That Creepy Icon *Is* Your Free Copy of Windows 10 >>
* SanDisk’s new 128GB flash drive is the size of a penny >>

* NASA will test Mars-bound deceleration devices in Hawaii >>
* Project Loon Head Details How the Balloons Interact >>
* Robot That Pushes Like a Human Is More Impressive Than It Sounds >>

* Everything Google Stayed Curiously Quiet About at I/O This Year >>
* NanoMRI Gets Real >>

* Grappling With The Growing “Insecurity of Things” >>
* MIT Physicists Build World’s First Fermion Microscope >>

* Full coverage of EmTech Digital in San Francisco, June 1-2, 2015. >>
* EmTech Digital: Where Is AI Taking Us? >>
* Expecting More From Digital >>

* The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here >>
* How laser scans and VR are preserving London’s hidden ‘Mail Rail’ >>
* Scientists are Growing Tiny Cerebral Cortexes in Petri Dishes >>

* Mice have evolved cunning ways to keep their sperm young >>
* Best smart home gadgets >>
* Can Your Brain Be ‘Full’? >>

* Google’s Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete >>
* Mobile is eating the business world, but where are all the great business apps? >>
* Will radical life extension be the abortion politics of 2050? >>

* AT&T And IBM Team Up To Connect Water Pipes To The Internet >>
* Six Million Dollar Man’s Bionic Eye Becomes Reality >>

* More Bosses Expected To Track Their Staff Through Wearables In The Next 5 Years >>
* Adorable AI-powered robot Musio just wants to be your friend >>
* Self-folding origami robot is powered by a magnet, dissolves after use >>

* There Is a Finite Limit On How Long Intelligence Can Exist In Our Universe >>
* Apple’s dive into AR could take the technology mainstream >>
* Tiny E. Coli ‘factories’ Churn Out New Antibioitcs >>

* What a Red Planet aurora might look like >>
* Artificial DNA links up just like the real thing >>
* AT&T, IBM dive into water-saving game with connected tech >>

* Scientists grow tiny brain cortex in lab >>
* FDA to approve ‘women’s viagra’ >>
* In a first, China unveils facial-recognition ATM >>

* ‘Personal skytrike’ takes to the skies in first ever manned test flight >>
* Amazon’s robot competition shows why human warehouse jobs are safe for now >>
* Four Superb Robot Videos to Kick Off Your Week >>

* AI Supercomputer Built by Tapping Data Warehouses for Their Idle Computing Power >>
* Google ATAP’s Project Jacquard Wants To Weave Sensors Into Your Clothes >>
* Near term Transparent solar power windows could provide 60-90% of the energy for a high rise building >>

* It’ll Be a Blast: Future Lasers May Mimic Space Explosions on Earth >>
* In 3-D: Plasma Structures Observed Surrounding Earth for 1st Time >>
* Assembling a 40 Year-Old Rocket Engine Design | Time-Lapse Video >>

* PBS Newshour | Why we’re teaching computers to help treat cancer >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* This Week’s TV: Will The Wachowskis’ TV Show Be As Crazy As Their Films? >>

* Microsoft explains what you’ll lose by upgrading to Windows 10 >>
* Windows 10 will cost $119 if you’re not eligible for Microsoft’s free upgrade >>
* ‘Free’ Windows 10 Will Be Late And Expensive For Millions >>
* Microsoft Wraps Its Windows 10 Pitch, Here’s What You Need To Know >>
* Microsoft releases official retail pricing for Windows 10 >>

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