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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 May 2015

* Android Pay Is Google’s Plan for the Mobile Payments Future >>
* With Android Pay, Google Battles Apple For Our Cashless Future >>
* Watch Google’s I/O Keynote Here >>

* Google to unleash lurching army of THINGS with Brillo OS, Weave >>
* Google’s Brillo and Weave Hope to Make Your Smart Home Actually Smart >>
* Cold sore virus could treat skin cancer, say scientists >>

* Is This the First Computational Imagination? >>
* Robots Start to Grasp Food Processing >>
* 100,000 People, 250 Biomarkers, and the Quest for Good Health >>

* A chip implanted under the skin allows for precise, real-time medical monitoring >>
* Graphene sponge can absorb light and emit energetic electrons for breakthrough solar sail propulsion >>
* The Tech Giants’ Plan to Mine Our Bodies for Data—and Profit >>

* New tech keeps your smart phone charged for 30 percent longer >>
* Diabetes Has a New Enemy: Robo-Pancreas >>
* CESAsia 2015: Highlights From Day Two >>

* An Algorithm That Can Help Robots Walk Off Injuries >>
* Google’s Inbox App Is Now Available For Everyone >>
* Our Google I/O Liveblog Is Right Here >>

* Google’s Craziest Moonshots–And Where They Are Now >>
* The Seashell-Inspired Material Creating a New Wave of Safety Gear >>
* Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Company Metaio >>

* Google plans to have your home run Android with Project Brillo and Weave >>
* HBO Now is coming to Android >>
* Android Pay will arrive with Android M, handle payments via NFC >>

* Netflix, HBO Streaming Video Traffic Increases As BitTorrent Declines >>
* HBO Now is coming to Android and Chromecast this summer >>
* Oculus CEO says Oculus Rift is a $1,500 experience >>

* Oculus Rift’s $1,500 total cost: Digging into the truth behind the insane number >>
* DeNA aims for robot taxis by 2020 Tokyo Olympics >>
* Microsoft’s new Windows Store policy will combat junk apps >>

* Wi-Fi access point scans can betray a person’s location >>
* Mars lander gets set for mission to probe planet’s depths >>
* Lost memories recovered in mice with a flash of light >>

* New Human Ancestor Discovered Near Fossil of “Lucy” >>
* machines-are-about-to-start-making-their-own-beautiful-music >>
* Google storms into Internet of Things with Brillo and Now on Tap >>

* Live: Google unveils Photos, updated VR at I/O >>
* Oculus to sell Rift package for $1,500; working on ‘holodeck’ >>
* NASA testing Mars lander for 2016 mission >>

* In a first, cold sore virus used to fight cancer cells >>
* Cells that aid hearing, balance created in lab >>
* Google gives first peek at Android M and new Cardboard VR kit >>

* ‘Buy button’ to be added to Google search results >>
* Lenovo phone features virtual keyboard >>
* Chimpanzee Rights Get a Day in Court >>

* Watch This Robot Learning to Play with Legos Like a Kid >>
* ‘Deep Learning’ Will Soon Give Us Super-Smart Robots >>
* Fetal cells injected into a man’s brain to cure his Parkinson’s >>

* NASA’s Last Space Shuttle External Tank to Complete Endeavour L.A. Exhibit >>
* LightSail Solar Sail Test Flight Stalled by Software Glitch >>
* Pentagon looking at integrating anti-missiles, lasers and railguns against expected future missile filled battlefield >>

* New Pedestrian Detector from Google Could Make Self-Driving Cars Cheaper >>
* Big Data Is Transforming Medicine >>
* CESAsia 2015: Stephen’s Show Floor Sightings >>

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