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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 May 2015

* Mice in space develop thin skin >>
* New Diet Pill That ‘Sets Fat On Fire’ Developed By Scientists In Germany >>
* This robot chef can cook any type of dish >>

* Vaccine stops mice feeling stress; — but-should-people-take it >>
* Watch Robot Snatch Flies Without Killing Them >>
* A Robot That Can Perform Brain Surgery on a Fruit Fly >>

* Brain implant that decodes intention will let us probe free will >>
* ‘Lucy’ may not be our mum, say scientists >>

* Mary Meeker’s stunning 2015 presentation on the state of the web >>
* Connecting cars to the internet has created a massive new business opportunity >>

* Why Elon Musk sets nearly impossible goals for SpaceX employees >>
* It’s Too Soon to Call This the Anthropocene Era >>
* Damage Recovery Algorithm Could Make All Robots Unstoppable >>

* 3D Printed and Synthetic Biology to make Rhino Horn and elephant Ivory >>
* Will the LHC be able to test String Theory? (Synopsis) >>
* Laser Links Give Aging Supercomputers a Second Wind >>

* Lidar-on-a-Chip: Scan Quickly, Scan Cheap >>
* Bladeless Wind Turbines May Offer More Form Than Function >>
* Dynamically reprogramming matter >>

* Creating complex structures using DNA origami and nanoparticles >>
* Intel, Samsung, and Taiwan Semiconductor moving to 10 nanometer process in 2016 >>
* Boffins create tiny holographic battery that fits INSIDE a chip >>

* Mutant Bacteria Will Test You For Disease And Color Your Pee Accordingly >>
* Watch how 3D printers 3D print 3D printer parts to make more 3D printers >>
* World’s Largest Photograph Captures 365 Billion Pixels of the Alps >>

* World’s Largest Drone Company To Invest In Flying Robots >>
* The Path To Disruption: Entrepreneurs, Incumbents, And The Next (R)evolution In Online Education >>
* Bellabeat Starts Shipping The Leaf, A Health Tracker Designed For Women >>

* What you need to know before Google I/O >>
* Volvo Self-Parking Car Hits People Because Owner Didn’t Pay For Extra Feature >>
* Neato robot vacuums get better brushes for your filthy floor >>

* Oculus VR bought a firm that reconstructs 3D scenes in real time >>
* Lenovo’s new trio of low-cost laptops start at $250 >>
* #SELF-DRIVING Cars Will Be Parking Themselves In Garages by 2016″ >>

* #SMART FACTORIES: Will Need Smarter Operators Too” >>
* At Google I/O, Android may push deeper into the home >>
* Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race >>

* Why Tablets Work Best To Get Seniors Online >>
* Acid-loving Virus Shows How To Clad Dna In Armor >>

* Elon Musk aims to disrupt another business >>
* Google app developers see brighter 2015 >>

* Nexar app promises to steer you clear of bad drivers >>
* Mary Meeker: Internet user growth slowing, drone growth is not >>

* Re/code acquisition: What it could mean for consumers >>
* Machine that unboils eggs now being used to improve cancer treatment >>
* Battle ropes are the new workout craze in US gyms >>
* Moving Day On Space Station – Big Module Gets New Berth | Video >>

* Nebula’s Glowing ‘Champagne Flow’ Snapped By Very Large Telescope | Video >>
* U.S. Air Force Certifies SpaceX for National Security Launches, Ending Monopoly >>

* Google starts answering questions on your phone before you finish asking them >>
* BMX racers to benefit from BAE’s drone technology >>
* Adaptable robots ‘on their way’ to the home >>

* Crowds ‘could be counted’ with phone and Twitter data >>

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