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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 May 2015

* ISS Module Move Makes Way For U.S. Commercial Spacecraft | Animation >>
* Twitter brings live-streaming app Periscope to Android >>
* Clearpath Puts Baxter on Wheels, Announces Ridgeback Mobile Base >>

* Microsoft’s Cortana Coming To Iphone And Android This Summer >>
* The New Global Strategy to Counter Drug-Resistant Microbes >>
* A Hand-tracking Sensor For Virtual Reality Headsets >>

* Phone can can tell who you are by the way you write >>
* Blood Pressure Vaccine Moves One Step Closer >>
* NASA picks the scientific tools it’ll use to study Europa >>

* Researchers claim to boost cell-phone battery life with radio signals >>
* Android Auto starts shipping in real cars >>
* Women over 50 are smashing fertility records by giving birth more now than ever before >>

* Exoplanet Hunters Will Comb Starlight With Lasers >>
* Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Reading Brain Waves >>
* How Scientists Plan to Hack Your Nervous System >>

* This robot learns new skills just like a human >>
* Internet used by 3.2 billion people in 2015 >>
* Over 4 billion people still have no Internet connection >>

* NHK tries to prime viewers for 8K with interactive features >>
* Google’s high-Tech Teddy won’t Tuck you in at night >>
* This Is What Google Could Announce This Week >>

* Here’s what the $56 billion Charter and Time Warner Cable merger is really about >>
* Fetal cells injected into a man’s brain to cure his Parkinson’s >>

* To Find ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ Mutations, Add A ‘goat’ >>
* Alzheimer’s Origins Tied to Rise of Human Intelligence >>

* Sun-Like G-Dwarf Stars –“Best Bet for Locating Habitable Planets” >>
* X-37B Space Plane’s Capabilities Explained By Boeing | Video >>
* New Malware Tracks Subway Riders With Just Smartphone Motion Data >>

* Could ‘Green Rust’ Be A Catalyst For Martian Life? >>
* Propeller based hoverboard flies three football field lengths while other still trying for maglev hoverboards >>
* CESAsia 2015: Day One’s Show Floor Picks—Part I >>

* CESAsia: The Consumer Electronic Association’s Big Gamble >>
* Experience the next SpaceX launch >>
* Mysterious New Type of Star Cluster Carries Extra Baggage >>

* US Air Force looking to integrate combat lasers in fighters starting 2022 and for combat lasers in AC-130J gunships >>
* Food Technology for All >>
* NASA set to relocate space station module >>

* Lab-Grown Burgers Could Get $330,000 Cheaper >>
* What it’s like onboard the swanky ‘Uber for helicopters’ >>
* Scientists reveal how herpes virus hijacks and hides in our cells >>

* Did your favorite TV show get canceled? Here are 7 reasons it might have. >>
* Will Superintelligent AI Ignore Humans Instead of Destroying Us? >>
* Hacking Our Nervous Systems >>

* Oculus Will Soon Be Able to Pull Real World Details into VR >>
* Solar-powered spacecraft set to scour Europa for signs of alien life: Nasa reveals $30m mission to blast off in 2020s >>
* Molecular Electronics Takes Large Stride Forward >>

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