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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 May 2015

* Inflatable Plane That Would Float Like a Leaf Through Venus’s Atmosphere >>
* Forget Pizza: In The Future, Drones May Deliver You >>

* One step closer to a single-molecule device >>
* Students Measure Space Dust as New Horizons Heads for Pluto >>
* Chickens with DINOSAUR feet >>

* Converting blood stem cells to sensory neural cells to predict and treat pain >>
* Robotic Cockroach Launches Robotic Bird Off of Its Back >>
* Fly-catching robot speeds biomedical research >>

* I Let IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week >>
* It took a team of 200 people to create the dazzling futuristic world in ‘Tomorrowland’ >>
* What’s on tap for Google’s big conference this week: expect watches, virtual reality, and a mystery Bluetooth device >>

* Asteroid impacts 3.3 billion years ago may have boiled the oceans >>
* These 3D Printed Building Snaps Together in Minutes, Can Be Packed Up in Trunk of Car >>
* 15 TV shows you should watch this summer >>

* Welcome to the cities of the future! ‘Impossible Engineering’ >>
* Hay fever misery to increase with global warming: Invasive ragweed to spread pollen further due to climate change >>

* Scientists develop goggles they claim prevent nausea in air passengers >>
* Darpa Robotics Challenge Shows Terminator’s Arrival a Long Way Off >>

* Jet-powered bike tested at Pendine Sands, Wales >>
* Iris scanners can identify you in REFLECTIONS: up to 40ft away >>
* 30-Million-Year Mass Extinction Cycle –A Coincidence, or a Dark-Matter Event? >>

* Multi-use non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse drone is an operational system in US air force >>
* Machine Learning Could Predict Outbreaks by Identifying Dangerous Rodents >>
* X2-VelociRoACH Smashes Speed Record for Tiny Legged Robots >>

* We must put the brakes on glaciers to stop the seas rising >>
* How Astronomers Discovered the Universe’s Hidden Light >>
* Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble? >>

* Brain size influences survival >>
* This $100-Million Building Looks Exactly Like Star Trek’s Enterprise >>
* Windows 10’s new music app looks like Microsoft’s version of Spotify >>

* Robotic Cockroach Launches Robotic Bird Off of Its Back >>
* Fine-tuned molecular orientation is key to more efficient solar cells >>
* Oculus’ next big move is to make VR a social experience >>

* Mobile Internet To Be Worth More Than Apple By 2018 >>
* Windows 10, Wearables, Internet Wizardry To Converge At Taipei Show >>
* Audi’s R8 e-tron electric supercar can now drive itself >>

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