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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 May 2015

* Pill of super-protective ‘heavy’ fat may be key to eternal youth >>
* This wearable uses biometric sensors and electricity to decrease your pain >>
* Could planes create electricity from bendy wings in the future? >>

* The Large Hadron Collider Just Detected Extremely Rare Particle Decays >>
* ‘Internet of things’ gets a building block with Samsung’s Artik >>
* Lily is the World’s First Throw-and-Shoot Camera >>

* Dark Energy Tested on a Tabletop >>
* Control A Robot Fleet With Your Fingertips >>
* New Satellite Sensor Sees Earth at Night Almost as If It Were Day >>

* Herdsourcing — Connecting Animals to the Internet to Predict Earthquakes >>
* Japanese smartphone lets you pay for things with your eyes >>
* 7 Futurists Make Some Pretty Surprising Predictions About What Next Decade Will Bring >>

* Flexible graphene electrodes embedded in textiles >>
* Powerful new radio telescope array monitors the entire sky 24/7 in real time >>
* IBM’s silicon photonics technology aims to speed up cloud and Big Data applications >>

* We’re Running Out of Internet >>
* Saying That Autonomous Cars Will Kill Millions Of Jobs By 2025 Is Crap >>
* The Internet Is A Huge Energy Suck >>

* The Store Where Robots Sell Robots >>
* Nasa Wants Your Ideas For Managing Skies Filled With Drones >>
* A Plane Took a Wrong Turn and Ended Up in a Cloud of Antimatter >>
* AT&T customers to get free access to Hulu >>

* New Device Could Greatly Improve Speech and Image Recognition >>
* DARPA Takes A Stab At Needle-Free Blood Draws >>
* Microsoft details the many different versions of Windows 10 >>

* We Can Now Identify People Based On Their Unique Gut Bacteria >>
* NASA conference will discuss how to manage drone traffic >>
* Japanese smartphone gets iris-scanning for mobile payments >>

* In the Factories of the Future: A Conversation With Jabil’s John Dulchinos >>
* Why 3D Printing Adoption Is Accelerating Globally >>

* This drone follows you down the trail after you toss it up in the air >>
* Dissolvable Electronic Stent Can Monitor Blocked Arteries >>
* The Ultimate Interface Is Your Brain >>

* Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs: The Strategies They Shared >>
* Rogue Antimatter Found in Thunderclouds >>

* Seasonal depression linked to this brain region >>
* Why Can’t My Doctor Spend More Time with Me? >>
* Digital Life: Job hunting? Google yourself first >>

* Scientists crack memory code for flu-killing ‘assassin’ cells in quest for one-shot flu ‘jab’ for life >>
* New microscope allows deep brain exploration >>
* Self-driving cars not crash-proof: Google >>

* Jahn-Teller metal: New state of matter found >>
* A $9 one Gigahertz computer >>
* Nano memory cell can mimic the brain’s long-term memory >>

* Baidu Leads in Artificial Intelligence Benchmark >>
* Artificial intelligence experts are building the world’s angriest robot. Should you be scared? >>
* Are Google’s 11 Driverless Car Accidents Scary—or Really Impressive? >>

* Watch General Motors’ Hilarious 1956 Movie on Smart Roads >>
* Air Force should certify Spacex Falcon 9 no later than June 2015 >>
* Plasmonic Nanostructures Could Change the Landscape of Optoelectronics >>

* Poker Pros School Computer on No-Limit Texas Hold’em >>
* The Magnificent Horsehead Nebula >>
* The Science of the Local Group (Synopsis) >>

* Donut-shaped ‘compass’ glimpsed inside fly brain >>
* Interactive: What Is Space? >>
* iPhone 6s could be Apple’s biggest ‘incremental’ upgrade of all time >>

* Facebook signs deal to directly publish news stories >>

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