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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2015

* Download Skype Translator Right Now, No Invite Required >>
* AI Is Getting Good Enough to Delegate the Work It Can’t Do >>
* Seasons affect ‘how genes and immune system work >>

* Toyota is putting its wacky three-wheeler to big test >>
* GE 3D-Printed a Miniature Jet Engine That Runs at 33,000 RPM >>
* New York City is getting a fleet of eco-friendly food carts >>

* Robot pets way of future, could change human relationship with animals, researcher says >>
* MIT algorithm banishes window reflections in pics >>
* Microsoft Edge is dropping ActiveX and old-school plugins for better security >>

* Personal microbiomes could uniquely identify individuals >>
* Fully-Functioning 3D Printed Caterpillar Bulldozer Is Adorably Small >>
* The world’s cheapest computer costs only $9 and is smaller than a credit card >>

* Two Lunatics Fly Jetpacks Over Dubai, In 4K >>
* Robot Used For Surgery To Remove Tumours Tested By Stitching A Grape Inside A Bottle >>
* Conference video: Multi-Million Atom Simulations for Single Atom Transistor Structures >>

* Why More Technology Giants Are Paying To Lay Their Own Undersea Cables >>
* Robot Dogs Will Replace Pets in Super-Dense Cities >>
* 45 new TV shows that just got picked up by networks >>

* The Dollo 3D Printer Can 3D Print a Replica of Itself in Just 18 Hours >>
* Chinese Surgeons 3D Print a Spine Replica to Help with Incredibly Delicate Surgery >>
* New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition >>

* Triton Hopper: Exploring Neptune’s Captured Kuiper Belt Object >>
* Holographic patterning of high-performance on-chip 3D lithium-ion microbatteries >>
* NASA Wants New Rocket Rides for Tiny Cubesats >>

* Spacex has successful Dragon Crew Capsule Abort test and plans next reusuable first stage to land on land and not at sea >>
* Your Finger on a Tablet Can Control Entire Swarms of Robots >>
* Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Self-Driving Car Accidents >>

* Triton Hopper: Exploring Neptune’s Captured Kuiper Belt Object >>
* 3D reconstruction of neuronal networks uncovers hidden organizational principles of sensory cortex >>
* This Gigantic Solar Hourglass Could Power 1,000 Danish Homes >>

* Greenpeace Banned From Flying Drones Near Arctic Oil Rigs >>
* Graphene Enables First Example of a Textile Electrode >>

* We Took Some 50 Megapixel Shots With the Canon 5DS For You to Gawk At >>
* People Keep Crashing Into Google’s Self-driving Cars >>
* Skype’s amazing real-time Translator Preview now available to all >>

* Software detects fake mobile, Wi-Fi networks >>
* Why Driverless Cars Don’t Need Windows >>
* DARPA seeks a “100x zoom lens” for seeing distant space objects more clearly >>

* Construction At SpaceX’s New Spaceport About To Begin >>
* SSDs have a problem: They’re getting too fast, too soon >>
* Microsoft pours money into undersea data cables >>

* Researchers create machine to work out what triggers customer’s tantrums >>
* Drones of future: Flying saucer and floating orb among new aircraft >>
* Headphones; Cushioned Kokoon senses when you’re snoozing to turn down music >>

* Swift Vs. Objective-C: Why the Future Favors Swift >>
* Samsung takes another step into Internet of Things >>
* Flying car falls from sky, parachutes to safety >>

* Drug-resistant typhoid strain is spreading, warn experts >>
* Google shuts off Map Maker after urinating robot ruins it for everybody >>
* Lung Cancer Vaccine: Cuba And U.S. To Collaborate On Cimavax Vaccine Study >>

* The most successful Kickstarter projects of all time and where they are today >>
* Samsung just revealed the innovative new way its next smartwatch will operate >>
* Take Your Bets On The Winner Of This Surprisingly Tense Marble Race >>

* Staff-tracking app faces legal scrutiny in US >>
* Paul Allen’s Artificial Intelligence Institute launches startup incubator with top minds in AI >>
* Artificial photosynthesis: New, stable photocathode with great potential >>

* Minority Report TV Series Trailer Shows What Happened After The Movie >>
* The Muppets are back in the first trailer for their new ABC show >>
* Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trailer >>

* 3D Printed Wind Turbine for Urban Areas Charges Batteries and Small Electronic Devices >>
* Preparing for the Future >>
* Controlling swarms of cooperative robots with light and a single finger >>

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