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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 May 2015

* Admitted to Your Bedroom: Some Hospitals Try Treating Patients at Home >>
* Hypersonic commercial airplane designs including a Mach 8 cruise passenger vehicle >>
* We’ve Just Developed a Portable Cloaking Device >>

* FloNew Lets Drones Automatically Fly To iBeacons >>
* The human universe: Could we destroy the fabric of the cosmos? >>

* Machines Sensed the Nepal Earthquake from 8,000 Miles Away >>
* Electricity Use Could Soar as Global Middle Class Embraces Air Conditioning >>
* Increasing internet capacity: electron pipes >>

* Wearing a suit can change the way your brain works >>
* Indian scientist develops ‘smart car system’ that can tell if you are driving wrong >>
* Manned Mars Missions –“The Cosmic Threat” >>

* Imperfect Malaria Vaccine can still help reduce Malaria cases by 36% >>
* Tesla Battery Economics: On the Path to Disruption >>
* Optalysys completes 320 gigaFLOP optical computer prototype >>

* Piper Pied Imitates HBO’s Silicon Valley And Creates Lossless Compression For Online Images >>
* Witness’s Live-Streaming App Is A Panic Button For The Smartphone Age >>
* Built By 15-Year-Olds, FollowPlants Posts Social Media Updates From Plants >>

* Robots In 2020: Lending a Helping Hand To Humans (And Each Other) >>
* Watch The Disrupt NY Hackathon Live Stream Here! >>
* Is The Navion Holographic Navigator The Next Generation Of GPS? >>

* Nepal earthquake: Drone footage shows devastation >>
* Most liver transplants ‘linked to over-eating, not alcohol’ >>
* Experts predict robots will take over 30% our jobs by 2025 — here’s why you should care >>

* Human Trials of 3D Printed Bone to Begin This Month as Chinese Unveil PCPrinter BCTM >>
* Human-inspired robot takes a brisk walk in the grass >>
* Nanothreads formed from smallest possible diamonds >>

* Why Scientific American’s Predictions from 10 Years Ago Were So Wrong >>
* Smashing an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer in slo-mo is heart breaking >>
* Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview is now available >>

* 10 Companies Creating Our Science Fiction Future >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Cost ‘Significantly More’ Than An Xbox One >>
* Our universe may be a hologram: Study >>

* Will Tesla’s Battery for Homes Change the Energy Market? >>
* Can This Blood Test Predict Cancer Years Early? >>
* The newest Microsoft smartphone rumors make a ton of sense >>

* Now, smart glasses that read emotions >>
* Universe appears 3D, but may only be 2-dimensional >>
* Americans are running out of places to rent >>

* BREMMER: Here come the non-US drones >>
* Facebook just answered the critics who think its big plan to bring cheap internet to the world is flawed >>
* We just sat through the most terrifying presentation we’ve ever heard at a hedge fund conference >>

* Intense video captures skateboarders speeding down a road in the Alps >>
* Amazing 6-Foot Tall 3D Printed Augmented Reality Cockpit Required 75 Days Worth of Printing to Complete >>

* 9 Bizarre Jobs That Will Redefine Our Lives In The 2050s >>
* Then and Now: 8 Fun Examples of Exponential Change From the Last Decade >>

* 150 kilowatt Solid State combat laser is ready this year >>
* Headline: It’s Your Right to Film the Police. These Apps Can Help >>
* The Milky Way’s Rippled Structure –“A Dwarf Galaxy or Dark Matter Clump Passed Through the Galactic Disk” >>

* Has Germany’s Energy Transition Stalled? >>
* Lessons Learned Along Europe’s Road to Renewables >>
* These 3D-Printed Devices Can Repair Damaged Airways in Kids’ Lungs >>

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