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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 May 2015

* Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy >>
* The Information Age Is Over. Welcome to the Infrastructure Age. >>
* Buster the Dummy Strapped in for Mile High SpaceX Dragon Flight Test >>
* Microsoft HoloLens, Round 2: Why Can’t I See More Of This Amazing Shit? >>

* Scientists can foretell lightning >>
* New Urine Test Could Reveal Whether You’re Prone to Gaining Weight >>
* New game from ‘Banjo-Kazooie’ team fully funded in 40 minutes >>

* New NFC Necklace Stores Immunization Records: Does It Work? >>
* Researchers Create Ultimate Smartphone Ultra Zoom, See Strands Of DNA >>
* US Switches Air Traffic Control To New Computer System >>

* Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming feels just like console gaming >>
* Apple controversy, Windows 10 in 1 billion homes, app that does everything >>

* Will Windows 10 close Microsoft’s ‘app gap’ once and for all? >>
* Windows Store carrier billing on Windows 10 devices, even without cellular connectivity >>

* Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Debuts Spacecraft in First Flight Test >>
* Blue Origin New Shepard reusable rocket has first development test flight >>
* New Book Explores the Zombie Brain >>

* Warp drive space travel closer to reality? >>
* 1 in 6 species faces extinction due to climate change: Study >>
* New test can predict cancer up to 13 years before it hits >>

* XS-1: DARPA’s Experimental Spaceplane >>
* China co erects 57-storey skyscraper in just 19 days >>
* What Is The Gas Composition Of Middle Earth’s Atmosphere? >>

* Headline: The Age of Drone Vandalism Begins With an Epic NYC Tag >>
* Android’s ‘OK Google’ voice controls now let you Shazam a song, start your car, and more >>

* Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home >>
* Seabed and deep dive submarines drones and sub with steel and titanium alloys >>
* Microsoft embraces Makers with Arduino, Raspberry Pi partnerships >>

* SpaceX’s Dragon Spaceship Pad Abort Test in Photos >>
* US Air Force’s Next X-37B Space Plane Mystery Mission to Test Thruster >>
* Close-Up of Lava Lake on Jupiter’s Moon Io – Volcanic Epicenter of Solar System >>
* A Stagecoach to the Stars >>

* Video Friday: Strong Microbots, Holographic Robots, and Extreme Drone Flying >>
* New tool can switch neural behavior ‘on’ and ‘off’ >>
* Making robots more human by detecting human emotions >>

* Car Sharing, bikes, self driving cars are part of long shift to fewer cars >>
* Space Radiation On the Long Trip To Mars Could Make Astronauts Dumber >>
* Radiation In Space May Change Astronauts’ Brain Structure >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – May 1, 2015 >>
* Pathways, Timelines and Superintelligence Scenario >>
* Scientists discover key driver of human aging >>

* Internet Of Things (IoT) — The Lean Way >>
* New FAA system can track twice as many flights at once >>
* Kim Dotcom Awarded Millions For Legal Bills And Living Expenses >>

* FAA may ease drone regulations on ‘line of sight’ requirements >>
* How Self-Driving Cars Could Radically Transform Cities >>
* Computing after Moore’s Law >>

* Gillmor Gang: Watch Not Watch >>
* The human universe: Can we understand everything? >>
* Semi-Autonomous Cars Make Insurers Wonder Who Is Driving >>
* Dell Wireless Dock brings wire-free computing closer >>

* Extended cosmic ray exposure may leave Mars bound astronauts with dementia >>
* NASA ‘Warp Drive’ Project EmDrive Won’t Save Mars Mission From Cancer, Alzheimer’s >>
* Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015 >>

* Scientists describe mechanism that nourishes early embryo in the womb >>
* Researchers probe chemistry, topography and mechanics with one instrument >>
* New exoplanet too big for its star challenges ideas about how planets form >>
* This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through May 2) >>

* You can build Microsoft’s Kinect-powered holodeck at home >>
* Do We Live In A Hologram? It’s More Likely Than You Might Think >>
* Scientists discover key driver of human aging >>

* Whole Mouse brain mapping within reach with methods for reconstruction of all nerve cells connections >>
* Facebook hires Microsoft researchers to expand its artificial intelligence team >>
* New test can predict cancer up to 13 years before disease develops >>

* I created a hologram on Microsoft HoloLens >>
* Microsoft Hololens And The Danger Of Mismanaged Expectations >>
* Microsoft Making Fast Progress with HoloLens >>
* We tried Microsoft HoloLens: This is going to be much bigger than Google Glass >>

* Elon Musk unveils Tesla Powerwall batteries to ‘change the world’ >>
* Tesla’s Powerwall may be the future but it’s not a battery breakthrough >>
* Why Tesla is backing batteries >>
* Tesla expands into batteries for homes >>
* Tesla Introduces New Solar Batteries >>
* Elon Musk is selling battery packs for houses >>
* Tesla’s $3,000 Powerwall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy >>
* How Tesla’s Powerwall Stacks Up to Conventional Energy, By the Numbers >>
* Why Tesla Wants to Sell a Battery for Your Home >>
* Tesla’s Powerwall Is the Latest Step Toward Our Clean-Energy Future >>
* Tesla’s Powerwall is the latest step toward our clean-energy future >>
* Tesla Motors Powerwall lithium ion battery energy storage >>

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