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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 April 2015

* Windows 10 with Holograms Looks Freaking Awesome >>
* Nasa unveils shape-changing bird-like plane wing >>
* IBM Shows First Full Error Detection for Quantum Computers >>

* French firm proposes ‘submarine river’ to beat California drought >>
* Neurons constantly rewrite their DNA to store information >>

* Microsoft Build 2015 keynote in 9 minutes >>
* Huge news: Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS apps >>
* Microsoft Just Nonchalantly Showed Us the Single-Device UI of the Future >>
* Microsoft’s new browser is called Edge >>

* Microsoft HoloLens gets real with robotics, surgery, architecture >>
* Microsoft’s Continuum turns Windows 10 phones into tiny, full-blown Windows PCs >>
* This Is How Microsoft’s HoloLens Could Boost the Race to Colonize Mars >>
* Microsoft used this adorable robot to show off new HoloLens features >>

* Microsoft’s audacious plan to transform Android apps, iOS apps, and even websites into universal Windows apps >>
* Microsoft shows off how Cortana launches apps >>
* Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate With Support For Universal Apps >>
* All the Important Stuff Microsoft Announced at Build 2015 Today >>
* Windows 10’s web browser is called Microsoft Edge >>

* Smart pedals will track your stolen bike for $149 >>
* Fetch Robotics Introduces Fetch and Freight: Your Warehouse Is Now Automated >>
* How Oculus Story Studio Learned Storytelling in Virtual Reality >>

* 3d-printed Biomaterial Restores Babies’ Breathing >>
* Carrier billing is coming to all Windows devices >>
* NASA successfully tests shape-changing airplane wings >>

* Researchers Can Tell Twins Apart Because Of Environmental Changes To Dna >>
* Switching on one-shot learning in the brain >>
* New insight into how the brain makes memories >>

* Now Any Team Can Buy Performance Analysis Engine that Helped Win World Cup >>
* Sentinel’s Mission to Find 500,000 Near-Earth Asteroids >>
* Robot Taxis Will Reshape Urban Landscapes >>

* This “Liver On A Chip” Lets Researchers Forgo Animal Testing >>
* Is It Time To Phone E.T.? >>
* This Is What Happens Inside and Out When a Li-On Battery Explodes >>

* LG slaps SIX CORE Snapdragon 808 in LEATHER G4 >>
* A Computer Algorithm Can See When You’re Drunk >>

* One Doctor’s Quest to Save the World With Data >>
* You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees >>
* HD 7924: Planets with a Robotic Assist >>

* Ten things you might not know about antimatter >>
* Nasa’s Messenger spacecraft to crash into Mercury, ending mission >>
* Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 — it’s scary how accurate he was >>

* Spectacular 5th SpaceX Launch Sets Record Pace, Clears Path for Critical Flights Ahead >>
* How to Stop Killer Asteroids >>
* Novel Process Promises Atomically Thin Semiconductors for Electronics >>

* Reinforced microfibers for soft hydrogels breakthrough for printed cartilage 3D printed body parts >>
* IBM has four superconducting qubit error detection could eventually lead to large scale universal quantum computer >>
* Transparent Spinel aluminum for transparent armor, next generation lasers >>

* Dark Matter Is Necessary For The Origin Of Life >>
* Dark tattoos can throw off Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor >>
* IBM Researchers Can Now Spot Errors In Quantum Calculations >>

* Paper turned into an eco-friendly light-emitting display >>
* The Billion-Dollar Race to Reinvent the Computer Chip >>
* Human gene editing has arrived – here’s why it matters >>

* Most Countries Woefully Unprepared to Fight Resistant Superbugs >>

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