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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 April 2015

* Feeding Tomorrow’s Billions: Bioprinted Meat, Vertical Farms, AI-Designed Recipes, and More >>
* Why you should root for a robot to take your doctor’s job >>
* This cuddly Japanese robot bear could be the future of elderly care >>

* China’s Hypersonic weapon project has underpowered supercomputer >>
* “Water May Have Been Abundant in First Billion Years After the Big Bang” >>
* DSAC: Paradigm Changer for Deep Space Navigation? >>

* DORA Telepresence Robot Gives You Fully Immersive Experience >>
* Micromotors to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Cells >>
* First X-ray Views Inside Overheating Lithium-ion Batteries >>

* The Hackers’ New Weapons: Routers and Printers >>
* App to Driver: Get Ready to Roll! >>
* A New Bionic Eye: Infrared Light-Powered Retina Implant Coming >>

* Progress to Magnesium ion battery which theoretically could double lithium ion battery energy density >>
* Video: Star Wars Fan Builds Tiny Working Droid >>
* Google Now pulls info from 70 more Android apps >>

* Do We Live In A Hologram? The Idea Just Became A Little Less Crazy >>
* These leaked Windows 10 notification sounds hint at a soothing OS experience >>

* Tiny robot can carry 100 times its weight while climbing a wall >>
* 4B Vs. 7B: Can Facebook Overtake YouTube As No. 1 For Video Views And Advertisers? >>
* The best video editing apps for Android >>

* In-flight noise set to disappear thanks to lightweight membrane >>
* Tencent Introduces An Operating System For Smart Devices And Wearables >>
* ‘knobs’ Let Malaria Stiffen Up Blood Cell >>

* High-tech Lotion Heals Diabetic Wounds >>
* The Amazon Trees that Do Most to Slow Global Warming >>
* Neurons Translate Noises Into Brain ‘languages’ >>

* Nano Device Measures Molecule Shape >>
* Rna Catalogue Reveals Key To Brown Fat >>
* Ventless Heat Pump Dryer >>

* Track your stuff anywhere in the world, without GPS >>
* Lucasfilm veterans launch new VR outpost in L.A. >>
* Scientists discover reset ‘button’ for body clock >>

* The Theory of Cumulative Stress: How to Recover When Stress Builds Up >>
* Dog poo to be DNA tested in council plan to track down lazy owners >>
* The future could be filled with cyborgs roaming the streets just waiting to hack your Android phone >>

* Tomorrow, Microsoft will make a bunch of announcements that are vital to the company’s future >>
* When Robots Collude: Computers are adopting a legally questionable means to crush the competition >>
* Windows that act like an LCD screen >>

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