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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2015

* 5 billion people worldwide have no access to surgery: Report >>
* Facebook Messenger Launches Free VOIP Video Calls Over Cellular And Wi-Fi >>
* Novel polarization forms promise to radically increase data speeds >>

* DARPA’s steerable bullet proves it can hit moving targets >>
* Supersonic air keeps train tracks clear when weather sucks >>
* Ultrathin membrane makes plane cabins 100x quieter >>

* Google exec says that in the future the internet will be able to tell us things before we ask >>
* Drone footage shows utter devastation after massive Nepal earthquake >>

* A Portable Washing Machine That Doesn’t Need a Drop of Electricity >>
* This Tiny Robot Can Pull Weights 2,000 Times Heavier Than It >>
* ‘Airbag’ jacket gives riders extra protection >>

* Location Is Your Most Critical Data, and Everyone’s Watching >>
* ’4-D printing’ objects that morph based on stimuli like water and heat >>
* A cheaper magnetic material for cars, wind turbines >>

* Screw Wearables—Now Wi-Fi Will Monitor Your Body >>
* Printing Out the Internet Would Take About 136 Billion Pages of Paper >>
* The connected card ‘wallet replacement’ >>

* Experts stress on creating awareness about management and care in haemophilia >>
* Swollen neck glands may indicate cancer >>

* Easily Cut People and Objects From Photos With This Camera App >>
* Stephen Hawking issues ultimatum to humanity: Live in space or die out >>
* First HIV self-testing kit goes on sale in UK >>

* SpaceX Prepares Falcon 9 For Launch—and Reminds Us How Big Rockets Are >>
* Google Launches a Marketplace To Buy Patents From Interested Sellers >>
* Police can now tell identical twins apart – just melt their DNA >>

* Welcome To The Age Of 4D Printers >>
* The Future Of Marketing Automation >>
* Rethinking the Manufacturing Robot >>

* Cheaper Robots, Fewer Workers >>
* Why Facebook’s R&D spend is huge right now >>

* NASA Launches Project to Help Search for Alien Life >>
* NASA’s Messenger Mission Is Set to Crash Into Mercury >>
* Snacks On Space Station – Italian Astronaut Reveals Menu | Video >>

* SpaceX Picks Up Launch Pace; Sets April 27 Commercial Launch and May 5 Crew Dragon Pad Abort Test >>
* The Forgotten History of Small Nuclear Reactors >>
* Computer Models Show Terror Birds Hunted by Sound >>

* 500 kilogram Esails could each provide 50 tons of water from Asteroid mining >>
* US plans at sea railgun tests in summer of 2016 >>
* Russian Navy wants eight supercarriers >>

* See The Microscopic World In Motion >>
* This Week’s TV: JK Rowling’s Post-Harry Potter Story Comes To Television >>
* Massive Earthquake Shakes Nepal; Avalanches On Everest >>

* A fast, high-quality, inexpensive 3-D camera >>
* Scanadu Raises $35M Series B To Check Your Pee And Scan Your Vitals >>

* uBeam’s Ultrasound Wireless Charging Is Real, And About To Be Really Funded >>
* How to download your entire Google search history >>
* How Exoplanets rebooted NASA’s search For life beyond Earth >>

* Neil Tyson’s ‘StarTalk’ Turns TV Talk Shows Topsy-Turvy (Op-Ed) >>
* Power of Nepal earthquake was equivalent to 20 huge atomic bombs >>
* It’s easy for investors to get caught up in the romance of the space industry. >>

* The coming problem of smartphones more intelligent than us >>
* Closer look at DNA reveals new clues to chronic diseases >>
* Armageddon is a bad model for saving Earth, but nukes might still be useful. >>

* Lenovo and Acer smartphones pack huge batteries >>
* A Cheap, Ubiquitous Earthquake Warning System >>
* Five billion people ‘have no access to safe surgery’ >>

* Graphene Could Enable Holographic 3-D Imaging on a Mobile Device >>
* Elon Musk’s SpaceX in space race breakthrough >>
* Dna Test Detects Beer Gone Bad >>

* Take X and add AI Entering an era of intelligent automation >>
* Potential Game Changers for the Near Future >>
* NASA –“Is It On the Verge of Discovering ‘Warp Bubbles’ Enabling Dreams of Interstellar Travel?” >>

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