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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 April 2015

* Google launches Project Fi mobile phone network >>
* Facebook launches Hello, aims to replace your Android phone’s dialer >>
* Not for everyone: Intel Compute Stick is a PC that fits in your pocket >>

* Wireless routers could spy on your breathing and heartbeat >>
* Device Automatically Tests Different Drugs In An Actual Tumor To Find The Best >>
* Drone Bombs Crops With Beneficial Bugs >>

* Tesla’s home battery: Elon Musk will unveil power pack next week, could slash electricity bills >>
* IQ Prediction from Structural MRI using Machine Learning >>
* Autism risk genes also linked to higher intelligence >>

* Drones Smuggle Contraband Over Prison Walls >>
* For The First Time, Researchers Edit The Genes Of Human Embryos >>

* Laser-enabled Iron Man glove could shoot your eye out >>
* Can the U.S. Go All-Electric? >>

* Here’s How The Moon Was Made | Video >>
* Researching Biomimetic Applied Technology to Mimic Biological Functions >>
* Soggy Computing: Liquid Devices Might Match the Brain’s Efficiency >>

* Baidu’s Boffin Describes Beijing’s Homegrown Self-Driving Car >>
* Building a New Home? Better Make It Solar Ready >>
* New WiFi system uses LED lights to boost bandwidth tenfold >>

* Scientists turn old smartphones into all-seeing eyes >>
* Acoustically driven controls go beyond a smartphone’s touch screen >>
* Augmented Reality Glasses Are Coming To The Battlefield >>

* Project Fi: Google’s Plan To Fix Your Wireless Service Is Here >>
* Google finally pulls the curtain off ts Project Fi wireless service >>
* Google’s ‘Project Fi’ wireless service is officially here >>

* Say hi to Fi: A new way to say hello >>
* Don’t expect Google’s wireless phone service to have a major impact just yet >>
* Google Introduces Wireless Service Called Project Fi >>

* Facebook Hello shows who’s calling your Android phone >>
* Facebook launches Hello, aims to replace your Android phone’s dialer >>
* The 3D Future of Sound >>

* Intel Compute Stick Review: Don’t Buy It >>
* Intel ‘Compute Stick’ PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested >>
* Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer >>

* Virtual Reality Games Can Improve Memory Retention of Safety Instructions >>
* Mini’s weird-looking AR goggles are actually useful >>
* It’s No Hoverboard, But This Levitating Light Bulb Is Still a Neat Trick >>

* Trillions Will Depend on Whether Driverless Cars Require Human Drivers >>
* Emerging technologies are disrupting product design life cycles >>
* Predicting A Future Where Products Are Parented >>

* The Vast Implications Of The Networked Economy >>
* Mobile money transfers to Africa expected to hit $33 billion this year >>
* Could Scientists Re-grow Teeth In The Lab? >>

* The Age of Wind and Solar Is Closer Than You Think >>
* Defense Mobile launches wireless service for vets >>

* Computer-assisted diagnosis tool helps physicians assess skin conditions >>
* Lethal liver cancer can be spotted early >>
* Russia wants to build a supercarrier, and it’s a total waste >>

* Intel’s 10nm Secrets likely Quantum well FETs, germanium, InGaAs >>
* TSMC discusses 10 nanometer roadmap >>
* Asleep-Yet-Aware Electronics Could lower power usage of Remote Wireless Sensors by 1000x >>

* NASA 3D Prints the World’s First Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part >>
* Germ-Line (inheritable) human “improvement” via genetic engineering? The “Heinlein Solut >>
* The Future And You–April 22, 2015 >>

* A small drone found on roof of Japanese prime minister’s office — laced with radiation >>
* What about Earth’s Microbiome? >>
* New Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Hold Promise >>

* Check Your Vitals w Wi-fi; Radar-inspired System Could Make Health-monitoring Devices Obsolete >>
* 3D Printer; Capable of Printing Advanced Materials Using New Pressurized Spray Technology >>
* 3D Printed Rocket Engine Project Goes to Next Level With Ignus Engine & Kickstarter >>

* China set for 20 gigawatts of solar after first quarter splurge doubles previous year >>
* Amazon wants to deliver packages to the trunk of your car >>
* Smart guns: They’re ready. Are we? >>

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