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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 April 2015

* Fungal Dna Can Be Used To Track Where A Speck Of Dust Came From >>
* Japan train breaks speed record >>
* Google’s wireless phone service may launch tomorrow and it will put the squeeze on big phone companies >>

* MIT Turns Thumbnail into Trackpad >>
* From Engineer to Manager: How to Cope With Promotion >>
* All-photonic Quantum Repeaters: a Major Step Towards a Worldwide Quantum Internet >>

* Laser-printed polysilicon transistors on paper >>
* How Benford’s Law Reveals Suspicious Activity on Twitter >>
* PR2 Robot Figures Out How to Make a Latte >>

* Russia printed mouse thyroid gland and are targeting a functioning bioprinted kidney in 2018 >>
* Better Architecture >>
* Genome Gambits >>

* Peace Through Grids >>
* Editing Human DNA >>
* Eat Your Veggies >>

* 40 Percent of Hanford Nuclear Waste Would Fit in One 5-km Deep Borehole >>
* Robots Test George Clooney’s Home Security In New Tomorrowland Trailer >>
* MIT’s Self-Assembling Table Could Change The Way You Build Ikea Furniture >>

* Maglev Train Exceeds 600km/h For World Record >>
* 3.46-Billion-Year-Old ‘Fossils’ Were Not Created By Life Forms >>
* Welcome to the Smart Garden of Edyn >>

* Gaming on the Apple Watch >>
* Babies feel pain just like adults: Study >>
* Listen to your heart to control behaviour >>

* Human hibernation may be possible >>
* ‘Liquid biopsy’ using blood test is latest weapon against cancer >>
* Scientists Have Discovered the Biggest Known ‘Structure’ In the Universe >>

* New gene therapy may cure childhood immune condition >>
* SpaceX has discovered what caused its Falcon 9 rocket to crash land and explode >>
* Elon Musk’s first wife explains what it takes to become a billionaire >>

* Study Tests Powdered Insulin to Prevent Diabetes >>
* Researcher warns of increased cancer risk with excess supplement use >>
* Scientists Are Using Electrodes to Remote-Control People >>

* New tabletop detector ‘sees’ single electrons >>
* Whiteboards of the future: New electronic paper could make inexpensive electronic displays >>
* 3D Printers Are Changing The Way People Think About Manufacturing >>

* Russia printed mouse thyroid gland and are targeting a functioning bioprinted kidney in 2018 >>
* 3D printers are churning out made-to-order bones and rudimentary organs >>
* Tomorrowland’s Problem Isn’t Tomorrow, It’s Yesterday >>

* “Supermassive Black Hole Exists Where It Shouldn’t Be” –Inside a Blob Galaxy >>
* Internet of Everything Is a Simply Massive Opportunity: $19 Trillion in Next Decade >>
* My bank is now staffed by a helpful robot >>

* Judge gives chimpanzees human rights for the first time (update) >>
* Drone-proofing The Boston Marathon >>
* Creepy Robot That Imitates Facial Expressions May Soon Greet You At Hotels >>

* New mass extinction event identified by geologists >>
* New Postal Service fleet could include drones >>
* 170-year-old champagne found in seabed reveals winemaking history >>

* IEEE chaps propose QoS for SDN across the public internet >>
* $250 DIY test for breast cancer: 10x times cheaper than existing tech >>

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