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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 April 2015

* Car Predicts Driving Mistakes Before They Happen >>
* Intelligent Streetlights To ‘watch’ Florida Residents >>
* Game-changing new method to treat stroke >>

* 50 galaxies could be hiding advanced alien life? suggests beings using stars for energy, >>
* Alien Supercivilizations Absent from 100,000 Nearby Galaxies >>

* Smell-o-phone creator attaches scents to eBooks and songs >>
* Raytheon given funding for DARPA hypersonic missile project including flight demonstrations  >>
* Software Could Automatically Put Your Vacation Photos in Perfect Order >>
* Gillmor Gang: Money for Nothing >>

* Scientists want to blast space debris with frickin’ lasers >>
* Rocket Lab Unveils “Electric” Rocket Engine >>
* Comcast to bring two-gigabit Internet service to Bay Area, boost existing tiers >>

* Google’s Project Loon close to launching thosands of balloons >>
* Shape-shifting robot reveals secrets of Fukushima reactor >>
* Japanese maglev train breaks its own world speed record >>

* Microsoft shows impressively accurate hand-tracking system for VR >>
* How Will The Transition To Self-Driving Cars Work? >>
* The X-47B’s first aerial refueling test will also be its last >>

* Landmark Deal Curbs Flaring Pollution >>
* How Corn Roots Got Better By Accident >>
* Learning to Make a Stone Age Axe Gives Clues to How the Brain Evolved >>

* Brain Scans Show Rebellious Teens React To Parents >>
* More than 800 million now use WhatsApp monthly >>

* SpaceX shipment arrives at space station with first espresso maker >>
* Forget TV — This Is the Best Streaming Service for Movies >>
* Q: How far away from earth will humans travel? >>

* A QUIC update on Google’s experimental transport >>
* Material Development for reversible control of magnetism and superconductivity upon photoirradiation >>
* Nanoscale Bioinspired Metamaterials, breakthrough quantum laser tech from DARPA  >>

* The Year Of Mobile Payments >>
* Alpha-rhythm brain stimulation shown to boost creativity >>
* Amy Shira Teitel and “Breaking the Chains of Gravity” >>

* Scientists Map the Dark Matter Around Millions of Galaxies >>
* Mars Rover Curiosity Runs 10K on Red Planet >>
* The End is Near: NASA’s MESSENGER Now Running on Fumes >>

* Elon Musk Battery Singularity 1000 factories for Grid Storage and car domination >>
* Molybdenum Disulfide Gets a Boost as a Li-ion Electrode Material >>
* Singapore to Open Robocar Testing Facility >>

* Steering the epigenome to turn specific genes on >>
* Watch This Autonomous Drone Eat Fuel In The Sky >>

* Video Friday: Robotic Kitchen, Swarming Drones, and Robots Want Your Blood >>
* The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life >>
* Giant galaxies die inside out >>

* 3D Printed Remote Controlled Snowblower Hits Kickstarter >>
* What it feels like to fly a drone with your brain >>
* If Algorithms Know All, How Much Should Humans Help? >>

* SpaceX’s biggest competitor is a company you’ve never heard of >>
* 24 of the toughest interview questions heard at Facebook >>

* How computers got amazing: Moore’s Law at 50 >>
* People don’t believe China’s growth figures, truth about the economy could be far worse >>
* Fintech Startups Navigate Legal Gray Areas To Build Billion-Dollar Companies >>

* R&D grant boost for sensory product >>
* Sony’s Ultra HD 4K TVs that are thinner than an iPhone 6 will arrive this summer >>

* In the beginning: How Earth got its continents >>
* Blood Test Shows Promise as Alternative to Cancer Biopsy >>
* Cutting the Cord: Few options for streaming live news >>

* Mini augments ride with X-ray specs >>
* Humanoid Robot Han Can Respond To, Facial Expressions, Make Eye Contact, Engage In Conversation  >>

* The Unexplored Planet –NASA Spacecraft Begins 1st stage of Epic Pluto Probe >>
* Startup Ninebot with Smartphone Giant Xiaomi backing buys Segway for alternative transportation unification >>
* What directional shifts will technology take in the next 10 years? >>

* World’s First Battery Powered Rocket Could Slash Launch Costs >>
* Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes >>

* Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses >>
* Microsoft demos another important Windows 10 feature for phones >>
* Germanwings Crash Exposes History of Denial on Risk of Pilot Suicide >>

* The Star Wars Teaser Trailer Has Added $2 Billion to Disney’s Value >>
* Star Wars Battlefront Game Trailer Is So Realistic It Looks Like Movie Footage >>
* Star Wars: Rogue One will be a prequel to the original trilogy >>
* George Lucas has not seen the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer >>
* First time George Lucas understood ‘Star Wars’ was a big hit, he was vacationing in Hawaii >>
* Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer 2 >>

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