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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 April 2015

* Second Teaser For Star Wars: The Force Awakens >>
* Leaked Barge Video Reminds SpaceX How Close To Perfect The Landing Was >>

* Control your phone with a flick of your fingernail: Researchers reveal tiny trackpad that can be stuck to a thumbnail >>
* X-47B Demonstrates Unmanned Aerial Refueling For The First Time >>
* US navy shows off cannon-launched ‘swarming’ drones >>

* Putting a New Spin on Space Elevators >>
* Paper microphone may help charge your cellphone >>
* NASA released the most amazing video you’ll see all day >>

* What’s next after Hubble? Earth’s eye gets an epic upgrade >>
* 2025 tech predictions both thrilling and scary >>

* This self-heating coffee mug operates wirelessly >>
* How to get the entire immune system to attack cancer >>
* BMW’s Mini Will Augment Your Vision >>

* Giant Radio Telescope Peels Away Magnetic Field Shrouding Black Hole >>
* Made In Space Launches ‘Space-Grade’ 3D Printing Material for Sale >>
* A Pair Of Robot Hands To Help In The Kitchen >>

* G-HAT: Searching For Kardashev Type III >>
* DARPA 2016 Includes 150 kilowatt laser live fire tests >>
* Rethinking Radio; A novel changes my perception of radio waves >>

* University of Pennsylvania Unleashes Robot Jerboa Upon the World >>
* Warrior Web exosuit gets about a 10% net improvement in walking with load >>
* Robocop Delivers Pizza, Prevents Suicide >>

* What Microsoft Was for PCs, This Company Hopes to Be for Drones >>
* Into the Future: Transport >>

* The Navy Wants Anti-drone Lasers On Trucks >>
* How It Works: Large Hadron Collider To Chaotically Combine Particles >>
* A Failed Lab Experiment Accidentally Invented a Replacement For Cement >>

* Graphene spintronics is latest candidate to extend Moore’s Law >>
* Windows 10 finally gets drag-and-drop support for virtual desktops >>
* New Chemical Tools Lead To Targeted Cancer Drugs >>

* Netflix Sets Pricing Based On Local Piracy Rates >>

* HDMI 2.0 finally appears in a pair of Viewsonic 4K monitors >>
* Ubiquitous Commons: How To Regain Ownership Of Your Data In The Internet Of Things Era >>
* Beat the traffic and find cheaper gas with the best Android apps for drivers >>

* Mobile wallets more popular in Sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else >>
* It’s official: Meerkat is finally coming to Android >>
* Eye of the beholder: How colour vision made us human >>

* Blood Test Predicts Future Breast Cancer Risk >>
* Plane creates vibrant landscape painting by firing laser pulses >>

* New Test Lets Women Pick Their Best IVF Embryo >>
* Robots go deep inside Fukushima nuclear plant to map radiation >>

* Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi >>
* The 4 Steps That Transform Physics Theories Into Groundbreaking New Technologies >>

* Facebook brings back the away message in a new mobile experiment >>
* Happiness passed between people by scent, say scientists >>
* The next pill you swallow might have a computer chip in it >>

* Stumbled Upon a 3D-Printed Movie and Video Game Prop Wonderland >>
* Leaked barge video shows SpaceX rocket landing up close >>

* MIT develops wireless trackpad for your thumbnail >>
* Parasitic populations solve algorithm problems in half the time >>
* Why Scientists Are Making Brain Cells From Skin >>

* Google adds ‘find my phone’ to Android app >>
* Device to help blind board bus >>
* NASA reveals first-ever colour image of Pluto >>

* NETFLIX CEO ON THE TV INDUSTRY: It had a great 50-year run, but it’s over now >>
* British snowboarder lands 1800 quadruple cork – video >>
* A top Internet of Things device will help reduce energy use on a large scale >>

* Google has an ingenious way to find your lost phone >>
* An electronic micropump to deliver treatments deep within the brain >>
* Kim Dotcom could be deported from New Zealand for a speeding conviction from 2010 >>

* Watch As Researchers Create Beating, 3D Printed Heart Organoid >>
* Japanese Designers Unveil an Amazing 3D Printed Titanium Bike >>
* The drone that never has to land: US Navy’s X-47B successfully completes first ever unmanned refuelling test in mid-air >>

* Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer >>
* Dark Matter –“Is a Parallel Universe That Could Harbor Rich Physics and Complex Behavior” >>
* Newfound Alien Planet Is One of the Farthest Ever Detected >>

* There is now an R2-D2 airplane >>
* J.J. Abrams shows off Apple Watch at Star Wars Celebration >>

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