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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 April 2015

* Awesome New SpaceX Video Shows Rocket Landing Try and Crash >>
* A Pair Of Robot Arms Could Make You Dinner >>
* Smart drones that think and learn like us to launch this year >>

* New robot bounces, could replace rovers on NASA missions >>
* Why iRobot’s Lawn Mower Is Making Astronomers Mad >>
* Possible cause of Alzheimer’s found >>

* LG shows Thunderbolt 2 compatible 4K monitor >>
* First Quantum Music Composition Unveiled >>

* Netflix tops 60 million subscribers as international growth continues to surge >>
* Google releases a new handwriting app for Android >>
* Google Handwriting Input app revealed >>

* Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally >>
* Huawei says P8 phones have ‘professional’ camera features >>
* Sony Demos First Live 4KTV Stream At NAB Conference >>

* How to use patent-award data to forecast technological change >>
* Tactical Laser Weapon Module Can Laserify Almost Anything >>
* Why Did Humans Advance Among Primates? Look to Ants For the Answer. >>

* Probabilistic programming does in 50 lines of code what used to take thousands >>
* Grow fat, get thin? We put brown fat to the test >>
* Stem Cells Enter Clinical Trials for Several Disorders >>

* IBM’s Watson to provide software for personalised healthcare >>
* SpaceX Faces the Hard Truth about Soft Landings—They’re Tough to Do >>
* Timeline: Hubble’s path to orbit Earth >>

* Twitter new home page designed to get people to flock to the service >>
* NASA probe shows first color images of Pluto, moon Charon >>
* NASA telescope finds planet deep within our galaxy >>

* Now, herbal tea that fights malaria >>
* Watch: Fly gets its tongue stuck on a frozen steak >>
* Sharp creates 4K smartphone screen >>

* ‘Robot chef’ aimed at home kitchen >>
* How to make a skyscraper’s shadow disappear >>
* Star Wars Celebration Live Stream, Where To Watch ‘The Force Awakens’ Trailer >>

* The most expensive ice cream in the world is sold in Dubai — and it costs $817 a scoop >>
* NASA’s new robotic car makes Google’s look lame >>
* Here’s what Google employees can expect now >>

* Oldest Neanderthal DNA Found in Italian Skeleton >>
* Caffeine High: Space station getting Italian espresso maker (Update) >>
* Graphene pushes the speed limit of light-to-electricity conversion >>

* 3D Printed Light Trap Arrays Enhance Solar Cell Performance >>
* See SpaceX’s Rocket-Landing Near Miss in This Amazing Video >>
* “Observed Alien Planets in the Milky Way” –A NASA Image of Kepler Mission Discoveries >>

* The Fastest spacecraft ever launched is 3 months from Pluto >>
* China developing plans for rail line under Mount Everest and high speed rail connection to South Korea >>
* Strategic Research to Solve Conjectures in Arithmetic Geometry >>

* Electronic Gate Built For Silicon Quantum Computers >>
* Cow Milk Without the Cow Is Coming to Change Food Forever >>
* How Brain Pacemakers Treat Parkinson’s Disease >>

* A video camera that powers itself >>
* Self-Powered Video Camera Could Run Indefinitely In Bright Light >>
* How to hack your body to live past 120 – cheating death >>
* ‘Spin-orbitronics’ could ‘revolutionize the electronics industry’ by manipulating magnetic domains >>

* Putting Technology in Its Place >>
* Newly developed automotive motor shaft, with half the weight of conventional products >>
* Kitegen announces their 3 megawatt wind kite power system >>

* Einstein, Schrödinger, and the story you never heard (Synopsis) >>
* Cancer Treatment Would Be Even More Effective With 3d Tissue Modeling >>
* Scientists Figure Out Why Your Knuckles Crack >>

* Nuclear fusion simulator among boffinry software picked for US’s monster Summit supercomputer >>
* The World’s First Self-Powered Video Camera Can Record Forever >>
* The Self-Driving Car Revolution’s Unintended Consequence: Lots Of Puking Passengers >>

* This Mad Genius Built His Own Game Streaming Server For Almost Nothing >>
* 2015’s Most Electrifying Emerging Tech? World Economic Forum Releases Annual List >>
* Robots In Our Homes And In Our Personal Lives >>

* The 2015 Invention Awards >>
* The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons >>

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