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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 April 2015

* France’s anti-drone drone can spot malicious pilots in under a minute >>
* The Hacker’s Guide To Smart Homes >>
* MIT shows off machine-learning script to make CREEPY HEADS >>

* Cloud DNS, VPN, HTTPS load balancing … Google looks at rivals, thinks: Yeah, we’ll do all that >>
* Robot arms will cook your meals like a ‘Masterchef’ >>
* MIT’s Picture language could be worth a thousand lines of code >>

* Hungry? 3D printer can print out a steak >>
* Why Facebook Might Emerge As The Biggest Internet of Things Company >>
* Meet Project Fi: Google’s mobile carrier plans revealed in leaked Android app >>

* LG’s whole-home speakers are among the first with Google Cast audio support >>
* In New Zealand, a Legal Battle Looms Over Streaming TV >>
* Make Your Home Smarter, Step 1: PICK YOUR PLATFORM >>

* Make Your Home Smarter, Step 2: Upgrade Your Fixtures >>
* Make Your Home Smarter, Step 4: Automate >>
* Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Is June 8-12 >>

* Secretive Military Jets Pose Threat to Civil Planes >>

* Robot Cleans Hospital Rooms With Uv Light >>
* $169 desktop computer hopes for Endless global impact >>
* Now, condoms that deliver Viagra doses? >>

* DRDO scientists develop device to track snipers >>
* Windows To Space’ + Rising Moon: Outside Space Station | Time-Lapse Video >>
* “100,000 Galaxies Fail to Yield Signs of Advanced Technological Civilizations” –NASA’s WISE Orbiting Observatory >>

* NRC Opposes European Moves to Tighten Nuclear Safety Post-Fukushima >>
* You Can Launch This Quadrotor by Throwing It in the Air >>
* Cloning the Woolly Mammoth >>

* Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2015 >>
* Jeremy Rifkin on the Internet of Things and the Next Industrial Revolution >>
* Researchers Use Electrodes for “Human Cruise Control” >>

* Robust ‘spider silk’ matrix guides cardiac tissue regeneration >>
* How the Internet is Transforming our Lives >>
* Perovskite Leads to 100-Percent Efficient Nanowire Lasers >>

* Thinking Differently About Risk >>
* Do Babies Express Emotions In The Same Way Adults Do? >>
* Magnetically Levitating Elevators Could Reshape Skylines >>

* The Atomic Energy Commission Once Put A “Nuclear Heart” In A Cow >>
* The Navy Plans To Launch Swarms Of Drones From Tubes [Video] >>
* A 3d-printed, Battery-powered Rocket Engine >>

* There Are No Blindspots With This Real-Time 3D View Of Your Car >>
* Google Wants To Bring 4g Signals To Even The Most Remote Locales >>
* Meet The New Zealand Company That’s 3-d Printing Rocket Engines… And They Work >>

* The Wild Government Projects You’re Funding With Your Taxes >>
* Gillmor Gang: Better Late >>
* Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Exponential Finance Is Coming to Wall Street This June >>

* Wall Street’s Scrambling to Catch Up With Silicon Valley >>
* The Internet of Badly Designed Things >>

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