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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 April 2015

* DARPA creating software that won’t need upgrades for a century >>
* Evidence of liquid water found on Mars >>

* Sprint will now send people to your house to deliver and set up your new phone >>
* Spacex Scrubs Rocket Launch For Today, Will Retry Tomorrow >>
* Add-on band is already promising to double the Apple Watch’s battery life >>

* IBM’s Watson Health division will incorporate patient data from Apple >>
* IBM Announces Deals With Apple, Johnson And Johnson, Medtronic In Bid To Transform HealthCare >>

* Artificial bee brain used for vision system of a drone >>
* iRobot Is Working On A Robotic Mower That’s Angering Astronomers >>
* Microsoft demos industrial robot linked to cloud, mobile devices >>

* Thought-Controlled Genes Could Someday Help Us Heal >>
* Sprint launches house calls for cell-phone upgrades >>
* Your own personal placebo: Genes reveal response to sugar pill >>

* The ‘Energy Cloud’ is Transforming the Power Sector >>
* Microsoft’s New Industrial Revolution Of ‘Perceptive’ Human-Robot Workers >>
* Sharp: Your 4K smartphone is right around the corner >>

* Dark matter map unveils first results >>
* Red’s latest ‘Weapon’ is an 8K full-frame camera >>
* Vizio’s latest 4K TVs start at $600 >>

* Trusted Voice unlock is rolling out to some Android users >>
* Amazon adds IMDb-fueled X-Ray for Movies to Fire TV >>
* This Bluetooth Adapter Streams Music Through Your Record Player >>

* Planet Labs Rockets To $118 Million In Series C Funding To Cover The Earth In Tiny Satellites >>
* First-Ever Hologram Protest Takes to the Streets in Spain >>
* Moore’s Law Turns 50: Seven Things To Remember >>

* Debunking five myths about Google >>
* There will be sex in space — Mars, science and the dictates of biology and human culture >>

* Apple isn’t just satisfied reinventing health care, it’s targeting clinical trials as well >>
* Stop Worrying, Your Electric Car Will Have Plenty of Range >>
* DARPA Announces Tasks for DRC Finals >>

* DJI Phantom Drone Gets Flight Control Upgrades, Powerful Cameras >>
* Aiming to make many contributions to society through soft materials with new functionality >>
* NASA Invites ESA to Attempt Europa Landing >>

* Holograms replace people in Spanish protests >>
* Predict the Future of Your Business >>
* The 3D Robotics Solo may be the smartest drone ever >>

* IBM’s AI computer has come up with some pretty incredible food pairings >>
* Google Finds Partners To Help It Compete WIth Amazon >>
* On Mars, Liquid Water Appears at Night, Study Suggests >>

* Say cheese! Octopus takes pictures of aquarium visitors >>
* Researchers Developing An Algorithm That Can Detect Internet Trolls >>
* Linux 4.0 Kernel Released >>

* Report: Apple Watch preorders almost 1 million on first day in the U.S. >>
* This virtual reality system takes your cycling workouts to the streets >>
* Smartphone holograms can diagnose cervical cancer >>

* Clothes of the Future Will Charge Your Phone >>
* Why the Earth Gets Stronger When a Meteor Strikes >>
* Sprint launches house calls for cell-phone upgrades >>

* Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels? >>
* Cannabis can cure cancer and even shrink brain tumours >>
* Dark matter map unveils first results >>

* 9 ways Android Wear is better than the Apple Watch >>
* Watch this fish drive a remote-controlled car >>
* These 2 graphics will fully explain why today’s SpaceX launch is potentially groundbreaking >>

* Will asteroid 2012 TC4 hit Earth in October 2017? >>
* How China Entered the Space Race >>

* 7 Futuristic floating cities that could save humanity >>
* The Next Generation of Transportation! >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Firefly Astronomy >>

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