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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 April 2015

* Machine Learning Algorithm Mines 16 Billion E-mails >>
* Paralyzed Again >>
* Inkjet-printed liquid metal could lead to new wearable tech, soft robotics >>

* Apple may have bought a keyboard app that tracks your fingers as you type >>
* This working computer is smaller than a grain of rice >>

* China may build rail tunnel under Mount Everest, state media reports >>
* Don’t want to get motion sickness in a self-driving car? Take a nap >>

* Microbes Engineered to Prevent Obesity >>
* A Face Transplant Removed This Deadly Bundle of Blood Vessels >>
* Watch This Fighting Robot Die in Agonizing Slow Motion >>

* Using sound waves to detect rare circulating cancer cells >>
* IBM starts testing AI software that mimics the human brain >>
* What Will A Programmer Job Be Like In 20-30 Years? >>

* Control smartphones with a stroke of your hair >>
* Sound Waves Pick Tumor Cells Out Of Blood Sample >>
* Trail’s End: Beautiful New Night-Sky Timelapse by Randy Halverson >>

* A Farm-to-Table Social Network? Yep, That Exists >>
* Would I have the genome of my baby sequenced? >>
* Apple Watch pre-orders kick off Friday >>

* HIV breakthrough: Antibody therapy manages to reduce 300-fold HIV’s viral load >>
* First objects 3D printed in space come to Earth >>
* A New Ebola Vaccine Shows Promise >>

* Forget the Apple Watch, Disney has already mastered wearable tech >>
* No one on the internet can figure out if this cat is going up or down these stairs >>
* First human head transplant planned >>

* Researchers deliver large particles into cells at high speed >>
* Scientists use ultrasound waves to produce fullerene >>
* Intel Shrinks RealSense 3D Scanning Technology into Smartphones >>

* Amazon Introduce Machine Learning. As A Service >>
* “Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hub Enables New Era of Wearables” >>

* Forget The Internet Of Things, There Is A Digital Revolution Taking Place In Our Shopping Malls >>
* Dell to ship Windows 10 tablet with USB Type-C port >>
* Netflix Algorithm Tells You When Your Best Employee Is About To Leave You >>

* Sound Waves Could Help Detect Hard-to-find Cancer Cells >>
* Jeff Bezos’s Rocket Company Will Test Reusable Spacecraft Later This Year >>

* IBM Sets Memory Density Record Doubling tape capacity every 2 years >>
* Scientists eye secure communications by slowing down light >>

* Augmented And Virtual Reality To Hit $150 Billion, Disrupting Mobile By 2020 >>
* Is Your Job ‘Routine’? If So, It’s Probably Disappearing >>
* How to Be Emotionally Intelligent >>

* Freakish Asteroid Likely Spun So Fast It Exploded >>
* Future electronics based on carbon nanotubes now more likely >>
* Magnetron powered EM-drive construction expected to take two months >>

* This Drone Uses a Smartphone for a Brain >>
* Nvidia Wants to Build the Robocar’s Brain >>

* Drought May Force California’s Water System Into the 21st Century >>
* The Moon May Be The Result Of Earth’s Collision With Its Long-lost Twin >>

* The U.S. Is Still Far From Legalizing Three-parent Babies >>
* This Is Why Wasabi Sets Your Mouth On Fire >>
* The UN Will Debate Whether to Ban Killer Robots >>

* The smart armour set to bring back gladiators fighting to the (virtual) death >>
* DARPA’s latest program will create evolving Skynet-like software >>

* Google Search thinks the most important female CEO is Barbie >>
* Windows 10 unifies apps, movies, and music into a single store >>
* Unlocking the genes of mountain gorillas could help fight extinction >>

* AMC and Dolby team up to make the laser-powered movie theaters of the future >>
* The Meld smart knob takes over your stove to do the cooking >>
* Can science ever explain everything >>

* iRobot Definitely Developing Robot Lawn Mower, Astronomers Very Upset >>
* Molybdenum Disulfide Could Help Memristors Mimic Neurons >>
* Tiny Drone Lands On Giant Helipad [Video] >>

* The Future, Reviewed >>
* SpaceX’s 4K rocket footage is a great excuse for an upgrade >>
* Google plans new YouTube subscription service >>

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