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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 April 2015

* Intel CEO controls a swarm of robot spiders with gestures >>
* Signs of Alien Life Will Be Found by 2025, NASA’s Chief Scientist Predicts >>
* Nerve mechanisms that enable “bodily evolution and mental transmission >>

* Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger App for Browsers >>
* 21st Century Smart: Staying Relevant In The Artificial Intelligence Age >>
* Scientists program the lifetime of self-assembled nanostructures >>

* Why Google’s Robot Personality Patent Is Not Good for Robotics >>
* MIT invents ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector >>
* Laser Li-Fi Could Blast 100 Gigabits per Second >>

* Tracking Tag Uses Cell Towers Instead Of Gps To Find Your Stuff >>
* Google’s Driverless Cars Are Learning How To Avoid Cows >>
* What Is The Ultimate Speed Limit For Broadband Internet? >>

* Master protein found to enhance both muscles and the brain >>
* Chip Fingerprinting Scheme Could Secure IoT Devices Against Malware >>
* IBM Tests Mobile Computing Pioneer’s Controversial Brain Algorithms >>

* ESA and NASA Will Try to Smash an Asteroid Out of Its Orbit in 2022 >>
* Is This Really the Anniversary of Moore’s Law? >>
* High Quality, Low Cost Automotive Component Manufacturing Technology that Uses Net Shape Technology >>

* Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system >>
* Behold The World’s First Functional 3D Printed Metal Silencer >>
* India Undocks Its First Stealth Submarine >>

* Flipping The Switch In A Common Virus Could Mean Safer Organ Transplants >>
* This $80 Stick Brings Over-The-Air TV to Your Xbox One >>
* The Plan to Build an Undersea Cable Around the US—and Why We Need It >>

* Mattress Sensor Only Silences Your Alarm Clock When You Get Out of Bed >>
* Star Trek:Renegades – finally, an official trailer! >>
* HOW IT WORKS 2015 >>

* Life’s Building Blocks Detected Around Young Star >>
* Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” II: Questioning the Hart-Tipler Conjecture >>
* Guiding Our Search for Life on Other Earths >>

* Here’s Google’s Secret to Hiring the Best People >>
* Why Google CEO Larry Page personally reviews every candidate the company hires >>

* Seven new hardware technologies for Windows 10 PCs >>
* Microsoft to add virtualized containers, Nano Server mode to Windows Server 2016 >>
* Are Information Technology Companies Ripe For Disruption? >>

* Tron 3 is coming with Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund >>
* Skype Translator Preview adds Mandarin, the language of 1 billion people >>
* Intel shrinks RealSense camera, targets smartphones >>

* Face transplant fixes dangerous knot of blood vessels >>
* DNA Spheres Light Up to Detect Cancer >>

* Baby Genes To Be Mapped At Birth In Medical First >>

* Next Wearable Tech May Come From Inkjet Printers >>
* NASA’s claim we’ll find alien life isn’t out of this world >>
* Apple’s new Photos app for Yosemite is finally here >>

* Tech Five: Google may enter home services biz >>

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