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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 April 2015

* This new camera sensor could turn your phone into a 3D scanner >>
* Evolutionary methods for problem solving and artificial development >>
* 4-Year-Old Boy Gets a New Prosthetic Ear Thanks to 3D Printing >>

* Odorless Socks Made With Pure Silver >>
* Judge allows woman to serve divorce papers over Facebook >>
* Google’s Plan to Help You Make Super-Cheap Overseas Cell Calls >>

* Police In India Get Drones Armed With Pepper Spray >>
* Biosensing Films And Smartphones Let Doctors Diagnose Disease From Anywhere >>
* Eye Tracking Headlights Point Where You Look >>

* Team Genius: The New Science of High-Performing Organizations >>
* Incredible Technology: Spiderlike Robots Could Build Giant Space Structures >>
* A Startup’s Plans for a New Social Reality >>

* Japanese Spacecraft to Attempt Venus Comeback in December >>
* What Kind of Thing Is Moore’s Law? >>
* Radio-frequency-heated iron-oxide nanoparticles open the blood-brain barrier >>

* Air Independent propulsion diesels are game changers for low cost replacement of nuclear submarines >>
* Network Archaeologists Discover Two Types of Social Network Growth in Historical Facebook Data >>
* How Synthetic Organisms Could Terraform the Earth >>

* International Space Development Conference 2015 >>
* Metamaterial Radar May Improve Car and Drone Vision >>
* Monkeys In India Are Causing Internet Outages, And We Predicted It >>

* LG claims Apple will launch a new iMac with a super-high-resolution 8K display later this year >>
* Laser Chip Could Turn Smartphones Into Handheld 3d Scanners >>
* New Smartphone Camera Could Tell You What Things Are Made of >>

* This 3D Printed Smartphone Lets You Call, Text, & Share Photos >>
* Intel’s $150 Stick That Turns a TV Into a Windows Desktop Is Now on Sale >>
* Should You Trust Big Pharma With Your Dna? >>

* The Secrets of Unicorn Companies And the 100 Most Scalable Organizations >>
* An AI Never Forgets (Until You Try to Teach It Something New) >>

* Philosophy of Big Data >>
* Why Millennials Understand The Future Of Work Better Than Anyone Else >>
* Amazon testing drones at “secret” location in British Columbia and other commerical drones >>

* Multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system using X-ray equipment >>
* Operating Systems >>
* Are You Ready for National Robotics Week? >>

* Population of the World’s Non-Religious Is on the Decline >>
* New battery could reduce phone charging to just one minute >>
* Oral Antibiotics Are Found to Save More Infant Lives >>

* Depression, obesity affect corporate employees most: Study >>
* Google just led a $60 million investment a startup that solves every business owner’s biggest headache >>
* Brain knows how to stop thinking, start learning >>

* The Assistant Economy >>

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