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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 April 2015

* First Ever 3D Printed Thyroid Gland Announced by Russia’s 3D Bioprinting Solutions >>
* How Can Dark Matter Cause Chaos on Earth Every 30 Million Years? >>
* Is this ET? Mystery of strange radio bursts from space >>

* Could we get to Mars in 39 DAYS? Nasa selects companies to develop super fast deep-space engine >>
* ‘Lightning bolts’ in the brain reveal how brain encodes information without disrupting previously acquired memories >>
* A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression >>

* Securifi’s Almond 2015 and Almond+ routers pull double duty as connected-home hubs >>
* OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sampler Enters Final Assembly >>

* Duck-like US Navy drone can fly or swim to hunt submarines >>
* Diabetics Benefit By Biggest Meal Early >>
* Creating augmented reality by merging real and virtual environments >>

* Start-up touts wireless charging from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals >>
* Scientists develop perfume which smells better the more you sweat >>
* This Is How Long Your Business Will Last, According to Science >>

* The Most Popular Antidepressants Are Based On An Outdated Theory [UPDATED] >>
* Experimental Ebola vaccine found safe, effective >>
* Crowd-funding campaign hopes to accelerate clinical trials of new brain-repair discovery >>

* CCTV ‘spy cars’ banned in bid to curb draconian parking fines that have driven shoppers from the High Street >>
* Google patents system that could one day download the personality of a celebrity or even a deceased loved one to a ROBOT >>
* Wound-healing laser soon to be a reality: Israeli scientist >>

* Graphic: Transistor Production Has Reached Astronomical Scales >>
* NASA funds NextSTEP deep space propulsion including 100 hour VASIMR and advanced electric space drives >>
* Instead of killing bacteria, DARPA seeks to understand biology of host tolerance >>

* RoboGames: The World’s Largest Robot Competition Is Back >>
* With Compass Hooked to the Brain, Blind Rats Act Like They Can See >>
* The Simplest Flexible Printed Transistors >>

* IBM Bets $3 Billion on the Internet of Things >>
* Explore Deep Inside Your Body With Google Maps >>
* Brain-implanted Compasses Let Blind Rats Navigate A Maze >>

* Fyusion Raises $13 Million To Create Images You Can Move Around Inside Of >>
* Visual Studio 2015 Can Target Linux; Android Apps Anywhere Chrome Can Run >>
* SXSW 2015: The good, the meh, and the out of this world >>

* New DNA test makes it easier to pinpoint identical twin responsible for a crime >>
* IMAX to debut laser projection system in the US with ‘Furious 7’ >>
* Tapping the weirdness of water to get enough to drink >>

* Comcast rolls out 2-gigabits-per-second home broadband in Atlanta >>
* Charge your devices wirelessly out of thin air >>
* Bill would stop feds from mandating ‘backdoor’ to data >>

* A tiny home projector you can plug into a light socket >>
* The World Is Getting More Religious >>

* Tiny compass brain implants allow blind rats to ‘see’ >>
* Teaching your kids how to write computer programs >>
* Storing Solar Energy: A great idea caught on contested ground >>

* The Most Technically Advanced Drone Footage Ever Looks Pretty Stunning >>
* If You Were a Secret Message, Where in the Human Genome Would You Hide? >>
* Plasmonic ceramic materials key to advances in nanophotonics in high temperature conditions >>

* This X-Wings Parody Is a Cars Spinoff We’d Actually Watch >>

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