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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 April 2015

* Delphi completes first coast-to-coast automated drive >>
* Emergency app tells rescuers how to reach and save you >>

* Amazon’s ‘Dash’ buttons explained >>
* Amazon Basically Just Unveiled the Future of Shopping and It’s Awesome >>

* 6D Printing Now Available, As is 3D Moon Dust Printing, Invisible Filament & 3D Printed Wine >>
* Robocar Technologies to Guard the Smart Home >>
* Wearable Tech Expo 2015 >>

* ‘Google Maps’ for the body >>
* German Engineer 3D Prints World’s First Solar Powered Stirling Engine >>
* SETI Has New Infrared Telescope Tech in Search for E.T. >>

* Fast Forward: The Technologies and Companies Shaping Our Future >>
* Artificial intelligence drones are weapon against poachers >>
* Researchers build brain-machine interface to control prosthetic hand >>

* A ‘Wikipedia’ for neurons >>
* Blood Transfusions Are One of the Most Overused Procedures in Medicine >>
* How This Lake In Asia Became A Floating Tomato Farm >>

* Nasa Takes You Into An Asteroid Field–virtually >>
* Antibiotics Go Airborne Near Big Cattle Yards >>
* Netflix button coming to TV remotes across Europe >>

* Google Panda is the April Fools’ joke you wish was a real product >>
* Device Monitoring: What’s On Your Network? >>
* Nanoscale bed of nails to make organs behave better >>

* Nanotech Bandages Detect Health Trouble and Deliver Medicine >>
* Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds, May Have Paved the Way for Earth >>
* Google announces budget-priced Chromebits and Chromebooks >>

* What Happens If Russia Abandons the International Space Station? >>
* Ten Years of Top Ten Tech Cars: An Analysis >>

* Periscope Users Really Want to Look Inside Your Fridge >>
* Paracetamol useless for lower back pain: Study >>
* Watch R2-D2 Find Love in This Touching Short Film >>

* Facebook’s Messenger Platform Must Go Beyond Apps And Embrace The Web >>
* DARPA wants modular, specialized, cheaper and drop in upgradable swarm cloud of drones, missiles and mothership airplanes >>

* Private Dream Chaser Space Plane Could Land in Houston One Day >>
* Infant Galaxy Clusters –“May Reveal Role of Dark Matter in Shaping the Universe” >>
* Intel and Micron Move 3-D NAND Into Production >>

* Battle of the Nobel Laureates (Synopsis) >>
* South Korean Drones Prepare to Take Out North Korean Drones >>
* Faster Boiling Water? Scientists Reveal Secret To Speed Up The Process 3 Times [Video] >>

* The End of Meaningless Jobs is a Win For Us All >>
* NASA Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft Begins Construction >>
* Quantifying the Risk of Damage to Integrated Circuits in Space >>

* You Could Eat Fast Food After A Workout To Build Muscle >>
* This Solar-powered Engine Can Be Made With A 3d Printer >>
* Physicists Figure Out Why Honey Falls In Twists >>

* Crashing this 80-megapixel drone camera is a $60K mistake >>
* Report: Microsoft thought about giving Xbox away for free >>
* When will live-streaming apps like Periscope get interesting? >>

* Future cameras will make living photographs reality >>
* Blood test for Down’s syndrome ‘gives better results’ >>
* Moon’s first settlers may live in giant city-sized lava tubes >>

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