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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 March 2015

* The Deadly Global War for Sand >>
* Leading light? Graphene bulb to go on sale >>
* Apple could stop the new Facebook Messenger before it’s even begun >>

* Laser-activated nanoparticles are coming to clear your acne >>
* A.I. Pilots Are Not The Solution To Preventing Airline Disasters >>
* Great, now 3D-printed rifles can fire larger, deadlier rounds >>

* Watch Engineers Extinguish Fire With Sound [Video] >>
* A Hanging Garden That Floats Through Space to Meet Your Nose >>
* Facebook’s 10-Year Plan To Become The Matrix >>

* Google to bring imaging, sensor technology to the operating room >>
* Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery Projects >>

* Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050 >>
* Will Saudi Arabia get a nuclear bomb ? >>
* Engineers create stretchable structures tougher than bulletproof vests >>

* Meet Budii, Rinspeed’s Cuddly, Collaborative Robocar Concept >>
* Behind the Scenes at the Nanosys Quantum Dot Factory in Silicon Valley >>
* Quantum compuer resistant version of public key encryption from modified knapsack code >>

* The New Aircraft carriers for UK, Japan, USA, China and India by 2020 >>
* Russian plans building a dozen new guide missile destoyer and then a supercarrier >>
* Why carbon-nanotube fibers make ideal implantable brain electrodes >>

* Facebook AI Software Learns and Answers Questions >>
* New kind of ‘tandem’ solar cell developed >>
* Promising pathways for solar photovoltaic power >>

* It’s Almost Impossible To Tell This Butterfly Is Actually a Robot >>
* The Nextdoor App Is Making My Neighborhood Safer >>
* YouTube’s Absurd 60FPS, 4K Videos Are Too Awesome for Your Computer >>

* The $50 device that symbolizes a shift in North Korea >>
* Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Future of Work: We’ve Got To Out-Educate If We’re Going to Out-Compete >>
* mDrawBots Will Draw On Your Wall, Floor And Eggs >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Dark Matter Galaxy “X” with Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti >>
* Off to Space for a Year, an American’s Longest Journey >>
* Stunning drone video captures the beauty of Canada’s oil province >>

* Facebook just showed mind-bending optical illusions to prove virtual reality is reality >>
* We see less than 10-trillionth of the world around us, but new senses could help us see far more >>
* Facebook is building a fleet of giant solar-powered drones >>

* Better joint replacement outcomes for obese patients who have weight-loss surgery >>
* First vision-restoring “bionic eye” implant performed in Hawaii >>
* Could robots turn people into PETS? >>

* Dark matter ‘ghosts’ through galactic smash-ups >>
* Shape-shifting sensor can report conditions from deep in the body >>
* Keep People Out with This 3D Printed Door Lock >>

* Molecular and Cellular Damage as the Cause of the Diseases of Aging (1:20min) >>
* Curing Cancer in the Elderly Through Novel Strategies (31min) >>
* Robots on reins could be the ‘eyes’ of firefighters >>

* A Team of Biohackers Has Figured Out How to Inject Your Eyeballs With Night Vision >>
* Gillmor Gang: Happy Medium >>
* Why Don’t Animals Get Schizophrenia (and How Come We Do)? >>

* Facebook’s 10-Year Plan To Become The Matrix >>
* Today’s Robot Films Reflect Popular Fears Concerning Artificial Intelligence >>
* Soon, Humans Will Follow Robots Into Deep Space >>

* Astronomers Debate: How Long Can a Technology-Based Civilization Last? >>
* A New Type of Dyson Sphere May Be Nearly Impossible to Detect >>
* 2015’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Volkswagen Golf >>

* The Sharing Economy Is On The Brink Of Disrupting Business Travel >>
* A nanolaser and a bendable-light material promise to speed up microelectronic devices >>
* Tampons Could Be Used To Screen For Endometrial Cancer >>

* Windows 10 Mobile test build on track to support majority of Windows Phones >>
* Intel Said to Be in Talks to Acquire Chip Maker >>
* Why Meerkat and Periscope are the next big challenge for marketers >>

* YouTube Can Now Play Videos At A Buttery 60 Frames Per Second >>
* Why food is rarely the simple pleasure it once was >>
* Human Brain Project Needs a Rethink >>

* How Grandparents Shaped Human Evolution >>
* Feedback: Artificial stupidity rules KO >>
* Netflix vs. Apple –who wins the living room? >>

* Global landmarks go dark for Earth Hour >>
* Healthier chocolate and other incredible discoveries of the week >>
* One secret Facebook doesn’t want you to know >>

* MRI may one day replace biopsy: Stud >>
* Micropacemaker to treat foetus with heart block >>
* Wearable device to help vision-impaired navigate >>

* How To Keep 3D Printing Revolutionary >>
* Google Granted Patent for Smart Contact Lens >>
* Elon Musk explains why living off a dollar a day as a teenager convinced him he could do anything he wanted with his life >>

* How Periscope Blows Meerkat Out Of The Water, And Why You Should Care >>
* Serious talk about contacting aliens is sparking a fiery debate in the scientific community >>
* 11 promising drugs poised to be the next billion-dollar blockbusters >>

* I finally understand why Facebook bought Oculus >>
* ANDROID STORY : How a flailing startup became world’s biggest computing platform >>
* Cancer and Aging: Rival Demons? (31min) >>

* Volvo designed a reflective spraypaint to make cycling safer at night >>
* Graphene light bulb set for shops >>
* What is the point of the Large Hadron Collider? >>

* Today’s Best Animation: ‘Cursed’ >>

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