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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 March 2015

* Facebook’s Aquila Drone Will Beam Down Internet Access With Lasers >>
* How An Airbus Cockpit Locking Mechanism Works [VIDEO] >>

* ESA Tests Satellite-Snagging Nets for Orbital Trash Removal >>
* “Robogerms” Spawned by Combo of Graphene and Bacterial Spores >>
* Meet the Leading Space Rock Target for NASA’s Asteroid-Capture Mission >>

* Moon’s Iron Core May Reveal Solar System Secrets with X-Ray Scan >>
* Starship Detection: The K2 Perspective >>
* NASA Asteroid Mission – What Astronauts Will Do | Conceptual Animation >>

* US Air Force Launches Advanced GPS Satellite into Orbit >>
* New Evidence May Identify Mystery Object at Milky Way Galaxy’s Core >>
* New Tech Could Protect Astronauts’ Eyes on Mars Mission >>

* Electromagnetic Arc Generator Could Protect Against Shockwaves with Plasma >>

* Large Hadron Collider upgraded to 13 Trillion electron volts, could get 10 times more luminosity then a 100 TeV successor >>
* Co-pilot crashed commercial jet shows need for emergency remote override and crash alert >>
* Festo’s Fantastical Insectoid Robots Include Bionic Ants and Butterflies >>

* How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Water Leak Detector >>
* Graphene Supercharges 3-D Hybrid Supercapacitor >>
* March Madness at Stanford: Robots Shoot and Dunk >>

* Today Big Brother Watches Truckers, Tomorrow He’ll Watch You >>
* What is 5G and when can I get it? >>
* How to create 3D mini lungs >>

* Genome Study Predicts DNA of the Whole of Iceland >>
* Physicists Describe New Class of Dyson Sphere >>
* 50 BILLION devices: The future that Juniper Networks wants to tap >>

* In The Future, Non-toxic Antifreeze Could Keep Your Car Cool >>
* Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Could Star In The Harry Potter Spin-off Movies! >>
* The Never-ending USB >>

* NASA Wants To Give The Moon A Moon >>
* Amazon Is Hosting A Robot Contest to Find Its New Employees >>
* Big barrier to 5G cracked by full-duplex chippery >>

* These Microscopic Videos Show How Our Bodies Are Really Fields Of War >>
* Is the Apple Watch a Useful Medical Device? (Video) >>

* Facebook developing solar drones to deliver global web access >>
* Facebook hints that the Oculus Rift will be available this year >>
* Facebook’s drone prototype has wingspan greater than a Boeing 737 >>

* New 3D NAND flash will triple capacity of SSDs, Intel and Micron say >>
* Facebook Fights Info Overload With AIs That Identify What’s In Videos And Sentences >>

* Amazon Undercuts Rivals With Unlimited Photo Storage >>
* Oracle Campus Hiring Strategy Is ‘Unique’ >>
* Facebook to talk drones, lasers and Oculus Rift at F8: How to watch online >>

* Physicists Will Test Existence of Alternate Universes >>
* 3D Robotics Launches DroneKit, Its API For Building Drone Apps >>
* IoT could help give your local area its own power grid >>

* The Big Picture: Russia readies Soyuz rockets ahead of ISS mission >>
* 3D-printed bionic ants team up to get the job done >>
* Oculus Rift Is Coming, And Facebook Wants It To Be Your New Reality >>

* Bacteria power up by using magnets as batteries >>
* Galaxy smash-ups show dark matter wants to be alone >>
* Ebola Virus Not Mutating as Quickly as Feared >>

* Total immersion in Oculus Rift >>
* Soon, chocolate to get healthier and tastier >>
* New artificial hand uses smart wires as muscles >>

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