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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 March 2015

* Solar system once harboured ‘super-earths’ >>
* Scientists Want to Mine Sewage For Technologically Important Metals >>
* LHC restart: Short circuit slows preparations >>

* Mars Rover Opportunity Gets Memory Fix Ahead of Marathon Milestone >>
* Solid State Refrigerators >>
* How does a long time in space affect human health? >>

* Internet radio without the Internet >>
* Drones being used to track Houston’s stray dogs >>
* Selfies take flight with latest drone technology >>

* Three Schemes to Revolutionize Nuclear Power >>
* Plants Could Pave The Way For Greener Roads >>
* Nootropics and the Human Lab Rats of Reddit >>

* Small Beerotor Drone Learns To Fly By Sight Alone >>
* Scientists Are Making Chocolate Tastier And More Cancer-fightinG >>

* Xiaomi’s New Mi TV 2: A 40-Inch Android-Powered Smart TV for $320 >>
* Apple patent hints at tracking your friends wherever they go >>

* An Apple Drone Could Look Like This >>
* This smart cookie jar will only open if you deserve it >>
* There’s now a super-speed PCIe SSD you can actually buy >>

* Securing Connected Cars, One Chip At A Time >>
* 10 Android devices that were too weird to succeed >>
* The X-Files is coming back to TV, complete with Mulder and Scully >>

* Tencent Partners With Foxconn In Electric Car Business >>
* Microsoft delivers Windows 10 tools for building universal applications >>
* Computers Learn To Fall For Optical IllusionS >>

* Urine Test Finds Kidney Cancer Sooner >>
* World’s Forests Have Fragmented into Tiny Patches >>
* This Virus Self-mutates To Infect In Extreme Places >>

* Malaria Parasite Attracts Mosquitoes with Perfume >>
* Why Don’t Animals Get Schizophrenia (and How Come We Do)? >>
* Tech Five: Facebook moving into news biz? >>

* These 4D Ultrasound Photos Show How Fetuses Respond to Their Mothers’ Smoking >>
* How Silicon Valley Suddenly Fell in Love With Cars >>

* Giant Lunar Lava Tubes could hold one quarter of Manhattan >>
* Ceres the main base and hub for future asteroid belt mining >>
* Jupiter May Have Destroyed Early Planets And Paved The Way For Earth >>

* The Feel-Good Switch: The Radical Future of Emotion >>
* One-Year Space Station Mission Huge Step To Mars | Video >>
* Mind-Bending View of a Solar Eclipse from the Stratosphere >>

* How the Internet of Things is shaping modern business >>
* Meet the off-the-grid chatroom that fits in your pocket >>
* Why VR is suddenly cool again after the terrible gadgets of the 1990s >>

* Bee behaviour mapped by tiny trackers >>
* Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks About The Future Of Humanity With Elon Musk And Bill Nye >>
* Airbus A320 crash: First detailed images of crash site >>

* First Mission to Solar System’s ‘Third Zone’ – Kuiper Belt | Video >>
* New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function >>
* Apple isn’t just satisfied reinventing health care, it’s targeting clinical trials as well​ >>

* For First Time, Researchers Demonstrate Heat and Sound Are Magnetic >>
* Controlling Qubits in Silicon at Picosecond Speeds >>
* TEDMED Great Challenges: How Can the Maker Movement Drive Medical Innovation? >>

* New TurtleBot Tutorials Make Robotics and ROS More Accessible Than Ever >>
* You in Your Internet of Things >>
* Spacecraft Traveling Close to Light Speed Should Be Visible With Current Technology, Say Engineers >>

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