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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 March 2015

* Is this the future of augmented reality? >>
* Post Modern Skateboard Has No Board Whatsoever >>
* Android’s Smart On-Body Unlock Function Could Eliminate A Longtime Headache >>

* The virtual reality cave >>
* The first 3D printed house is coming, and the construction industry will never be the same >>

* Mars One Delayed 2 Years, CEO Releases Video In Response To Criticism >>
* How ‘Virtual Water’ Can Help Ease California’s Drought >>
* The future of farming: drones, robots and GPS >>

* Switching to electric cars would help cool down cities >>
* TuneIn brings internet radio to your Android Auto-ready car >>
* Google Fiber starts testing targeted, trackable TV ads >>

* Hashtag election: Will it be Twitter wot won it? >>
* NHS game-changers: Growing gap between rich and poor >>
* The best outdoor gadgets: Gear for spring >>

* Great wall of Japan to check tsunamis >>
* Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk >>
* Swatting is now a hazard for video gamers, police >>

* Self-fixing bridges a step closer to reality >>
* Language may change how you see the world >>
* How genes shift from mother to baby >>

* Tech Momentum Differs From 1.0 Bubble And Won’t Stop Soon >>
* This Year At The ‘Davos of Education.’ Plus, The 16 Most Critical 21st Century Skills >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business >>

* New NIST Technique Can See Nanoscale ‘Tree’ and Microscale ‘Forest’ Simultaneously >>
* Bracelets To Prevent Sexual Assault – Socially-Aware Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Can Save Drunk Students >>

* No, Super Mario Bros. Is Not Coming To Your Mobile, At Least Not The Old Ones >>
* Watch Magic Leap’s Video Of Seamless Augmented Reality Office Game Play >>

* Norse legend? The Viking ‘GPS’ that relied on crystals >>
* Why So Many Common Languages Are Second-Class Citizens on the Web >>

* New processing technology converts packing peanuts to battery components >>
* This Apple Watch app lets you monitor the Australian property market >>
* Robots Podcast #178: Speech-Based Emotion Recognition >>

* Tech Money Sends Funds on the Hunt for Unicorns >>
* One of tech’s most important investors says ‘you’ll see some dead unicorns this year’ among startups worth $1 billion >>
* Google made a tablet for Ebola fighters that can be sanitized with chlorine >>

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