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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 March 2015

* World’s smallest working drill created with a 3D printer >>
* Look At This Ridiculous Russian Supersonic Cargo Plane Concept >>
* Why live TV is finally escaping cable’s clutches >>

* NIST proposes layered model of time aware applications to enable Internet of Everything and lots of driverless cars >>
* Nvidia Titan X Graphics Card Review: Future-Proofing The 4K Game >>
* US Navy is testing an electromagnetic catapult to launch planes from aircraft carriers >>

* MRIs Show Our Brains Shutting Down When We See Security Prompts >>
* Breast implants could become safer thanks to nanopatternd surface >>
* Tour One of World’s Largest Caves on Back of a Drone >>

* Virtual reality is going to grow like crazy over the next five years >>
* Toyota brought this 3-wheeled micro-car to TED in Vancouver >>
* NASA scientist says this is where we’ll likely find alien life first >>

* Magical views from top of the world for solar eclipse >>
* New Alzheimer’s drug offers hope >>
* There Could Soon Be a Pill to Make Us More Compassionate >>

* The Prefabricated Skyscraper Revolution Could Be Near >>
* Soon, a pill that boosts compassion >>
* Solar Impulse 2: Around the world on solar power >>

* Gene-Altered Apples and Potatoes Are Safe, F.D.A. Says >>
* Drones Are Getting Smarter—And More Useful >>
* The Real Reason Most Women Don’t Go Into Tech, According To Women >>

* Swallowing This Capsule Lets Doctors Keep Tabs On Gas in Your Gut >>
* New ‘MIND’ diet may significantly protect against Alzheimer’s disease >>
* Moju makes photos come to life >>

* $79 Dental Genome Kit >>
* Sawyer: Rethink Robotics Unveils New Robot >>
* Rethink Robotics has new one arm bot Sawyer that is smaller, faster and more precise than Baxter >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – March 20, 2015: Lee Billings’ Five Billion Years of Solitude >>
* Mars One Colony Project Delays Manned Red Planet Mission to 2026 >>
* Large Exomoons Shown to Be Detectable >>

* Three Technologies for Harvesting Ambient Energy >>
* The Race to Build a Search Engine for Your DNA >>
* Detonation in Slow-Motion with Sanstreak’s High-Speed Camera >>

* Tesla plans self-driving ‘autopilot’ Model S feature via software update this summer >>
* Could analog computing accelerate complex computer simulations? >>
* General Atomics and US Research Labs solve a heat burst problem with nuclear fusion >>

* Hybrid gas electric drone has 13 times the range of a battery electric drone >>
* Dyson Spheres and Swarms around White Dwarfs avoid two out of three major problems with Dyson Spheres >>
* Researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum >>

* These 500,000-Year-Old Tools Still Contain Traces Of Animal Fat >>
* The top 10 words of TED2015 >>
* Drones Could Use Lasers To Find Unexploded Bombs >>
* Creative ignition: A recap of the fiery talks in Session 10 of TED2015 >>

* Human Bodies Glow, Proving That The World Is Weirder Than We Can Imagine >>
* Could The Death Star Destroy A Planet? >>
* DARPA Wants To Solve Ebola With DNA, Money, And Institutional Knowhow >>

* NetPi Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into a Network Analyzer Tool >>
* Internet of Things Endangered By Inaccurate Network Time, Says NIST >>
* Nanosheet Handler Heralds New Era of Diamond Age Devices >>

* Carbon 3D has True game changing 3D printing and not just 2D repeated. 100 times faster printing with stronger parts >>
* Reality Check: Comparing HoloLens and Magic Leap >>
* Possible non liquid water based biology that could exist in places like Titan >>

* Net Neutrality Is Like a Delivery Truck Flowing Through a Pipe With Tollbooths >>
* Scientists Call for a Summit on Gene-Edited Babies >>
* Google Wants to Change TV Advertising Forever >>

* World’s tiniest cordless drill? >>
* Microsoft clarifies Windows 10 upgrade process for pirated copies >>
* Nanosheet Handler Heralds New Era of Diamond Age Devices >>

* Apple TV Will Reportedly Get Siri And Apps—But There’s More In Store >>
* Surviving a British winter with a not-so-smart thermostat >>
* New Apple TV Hardware With Siri, App Store And HomeKit Said To Be Planned For WWDC >>

* NASA Went to Space and All Humans Got Was This Acne Treatment >>
* This Is The Best Wifi Hotspot You Can Buy >>
* Video Friday: Sneaky Humanoid, ROS Hexapod, and Beautiful RoboRavens >>

* Gillmor Gang: Meer Mortals >>
* Exoplanets are in the habitable zone around most stars >>

* Peter Thiel was the first large investor in Facebook. Now he’s turning his investing skills to biotechnology. >>
* A Clever Way To Tell Which Of Your Emails Are Being Tracked >>

* Bioelectricity found to control brain development in tadpole embryos >>
* Electric Vehicles Just Got Cooler >>
* Why Autonomous Butlers Are The Beginning Of Ubiquitous Robotics >>

* DNA-based prediction of Nietzsche’s voice >>
* Why Spring Gets About 30 Seconds Shorter Every Year >>
* New trailers: Pixels, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Insidious, and more >>

* Rise of AI is changing attitudes on robot romance >>

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