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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2015

* Here’s What The Unreal Engine Is Capable Of Rendering In Real Time >>
*** This Just Looks Like An Apartment, Until You Realize It’s A Simulation >>
*** This Is Ed. He Isn’t Real >>

* Autonomous Materials Will Let Future Robots Change Color And Shift Shape >>
* Here’s the hardware that will power Windows-based robots and connected homes >>
* Google: Our New System For Recognizing Faces Is the Best >>

* Sawyer: Rethink Robotics Unveils New Robot >>
* High-Resolution 3-D Scans Built from Drone Photos >>
* How far-reaching communication networks could change society >>

* Open-source algorithms to enable high-quality 3D printing of metal parts >>
* 3D-printed sensors to lower cost, improve comfort in diabetes management >>
* Radical high-speed liquid technology could bring 3D printing to mainstream manufacturing >>

* Hybrid Power Could Help Drone Delivery Take Off >>
* Richard Branson Hints At A Tesla Competitor From Virgin >>
* The Apple Watch Could Sell In The Millions—And Yet Still Disappoint >>

* Opera buys a VPN company to make private browsing really private >>
* NASA starts testing a more precise landing technology >>
* Google’s Gargantuan Push For Cars With No Steering Wheel By 2020 >>

* The Next Generation Of Home Robots Will Be So Much More Than Vacuums >>
* Fish Uses “Water Tongue” to Grab Prey on Land >>
* Electric cars are so cool they may make it colder >>

* IVF nutrients may dictate if the baby’s a boy or girl >>
* Can Buckyball ‘bombs’ Blow Up Cancer? >>
* Marijuana Gears Up for Production High in U.S. Labs >>

* Tesla announces first step toward self-driving car >>
* Microsoft Windows: Not dead yet >>
* Drinking Milk May Be Good For Your Brain >>

* Solar eclipse: 5 things you need to know >>
* Nasa mission detects mysterious dust cloud on Mars >>
* Soon, you may be told to use lift in emergencies >>

* The Times’ Attack On Wearables Is An Attack On Science >>
* The Age Of Interruption Overload >>
* Zaptec can adaptively charge electric cars three times faster >>

* Can we create new senses for humans? >>
* Bigelow Aerospace’s Inflatable Habitat Ready for Space Station Trip >>
* Leak in Mars Rover Curiosity’s Wet Chemistry Test Finds Organics >>

* Rethink Robotics has new one arm bot Sawyer that is smaller, faster and more precise >>
* Moore’s Curse >>
* New Trick Promises Perovskite Solar Films For Windows and Walls >>

* Solar Power Generation Could Exceed California’s Demand Up to 5 Times >>
* NASA’s LEAPTech X-plane Will Fly with 18 Electric Motors and Tiny Wings >>
* Zaptec Plasma Drill which could drill 2000 meters down, gear could fit in Spacex Dragon capsule >>
* Zaptec Plasma could reduce space mining infrastructure by 100x for moon, Mars and asteroids >>

* Starbucks will start making home deliveries later this year >>
* One in ten wild bees face extinction in Europe >>
* Lava tubes safe enough for Moon base >>

* Rapid blood test to ‘cut antibiotic use’ >>
* DARPA thinks it has a solution to Ebola (and all other infectious diseases) >>
* Google Filed A Patent For A Wearable To Zap Cancer >>

* How four different drugs change your brain >>
* Transhuman Strategies >>

* Ramez Naam; We Are The Ones Who Create The ‪#‎Future‬ >>
* Men’s preference for certain body types has evolutionary roots >>

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