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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 March 2015

* Eye Tracing Will Change How We Watch Films In Virtual Reality >>
* Researchers can now 3D-print nose cartilage in 16 minutes >>
* Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for software pirates, too >>

* Virgin Galactic Opens Rocket Plant to Build Satellite Launchers >>
* Quadrotor With Wheels Can Drive Straight Up Walls >>
* Chrome’s bleeding-edge Canary build adds support for next-gen HTTP/2 web tech >>

* Tongues may have evolved from a mouthful of water >>
* Memory In The Flesh – A Radical 1950s Scientist Suggested Memories Could Survive Outside The Brain — And He May Have Been Right >>

* Network theory suggests consciousness is global in the brain >>
* An Open Google Now Is About To Make Android Super Smart >>
* Our night sky is teeming with exoplanets: Sara Seager on the hunt for another earth at TED2015 >>

* What will we call driving, when we no longer drive? >>
* Porous Crystal Supersuckers Capture Carbon >>
* Humans: The Next Platform >>

* Robot model for infant learning shows bodily posture may affect memory and learning >>
* The future of bionics could yield soft robotics and smart trousers >>
* These earbuds stay in your ear—no matter what >>

* This App Turns Your Philips Hue System Into Dynamic, Atmospheric Home Theater Lighting >>
* New nanoscale metamaterials for future ultra-high-speed computing >>
* A Pumped Hydro Energy-Storage Renaissance >>

* Virtual Reality Advertisements Get in Your Face >>
* Ultrasound treats Alzheimer’s disease, restoring memory in mice >>
* Spherical nucleic acids train immune system to fight disease >>

* Imperfect graphene may lead to fast-charging batteries for vehicles >>
* NVIDIA Propels Deep Lea rning with 7 TeraFLOP flagship GPU TITAN X >>
* Upgraded computer and fiber networking could reduce the weight of the M1A3 tank by 2 tons >>

* The New Materials That Are Revolutionizing Helmet Safety, Right Now >>
* Radical reframe: The surprising talks in Session 6 of TED2015 >>
* This Wind-powered Commuter Ferry Is Built Like A Racing Boat >>

* T-Mobile CEO ‘fairly confident’ net neutrality won’t kill Music Freedom >>
* Video Feature: Apps for Tracking Fitness and Losing Weight >>

* Video Feature: Design Gains Importance as Devices Get More Personal >>
* The Genome’s Dark Matter >>

* Here’s how Windows 10 upgrade paths will work >>
* Everywear Games Is A New Finnish Startup Building Games For Apple Watch >>
* Gates: Large Epidemics Need a More Agile Response >>

* The Pirate Bay’s new network is making ISP blocks useless >>
* Ustream’s New Live-Broadcasting SDK Lets You Build Your Own Meerkat >>

* Snail Venom Mixes And Matches 100 Neurotoxins >>
* This Toe Kick Kitchen Vacuum Is Coming to the U.S. >>
* Visiting the future in Mercedes’ F015 autonomous car >>

* Australian research brings malaria vaccine closer >>
* The Next Windows Is Coming Way Sooner Than We Thought >>
* The rumoured Apple TV service could have 7 million subscribers by the end of 2016 >>

* Top Silicon Valley investor Keith Rabois: Software will replace doctors and lawyers >>
* Bill Gates: The world’s next epidemic could be much worse than Ebola, and here’s what we need to invest in to stop it >>
* TIM COOK: This is the ‘disease’ that ruins technology companies >>

* Scientists compile ‘spectral library’ to help search for life on other planets >>
* Artificial Super Intelligence–Part 2 >>
* Samsung can put 128GB of storage in your low-cost phone >>

* The SXSW Robot Petting Zoo Displays Robots That Help Humans Survive Natural Disasters >>
* TED 2015: Google boss wants self-drive cars ‘for son’ >>

* ‘Northern lights’ observed on Mars >>
* DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group >>
* Slack finally releases a standalone app for Windows users >>

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